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  • ok thanks for that! I shall try that now, sometimes I feel if I ask too many questions I am nosey or something :P.

    I asked you also about a connection with a guy named Daniel, think it was in the vibes section reading, and you mentioned he was a past life brother. I have been strongly drawn to him for sometime and have feelings for him and wondering if you see anything developing between us?

  • Mia, it would be a mistake to be anything other than just a (distant) friend with Daniel. He has changed since you knew him in the past life and is no longer the 'good brother' he once was. And you cannot help or change him in this life.

  • Thanks Captain, heres a bit of background to it:

    I met him in March 2008 at dance class, the moment he walked in there was just something about him. Anyway he looked very familiar I thought I might have met him before or something but nothing came to mind so I asked all my friends do they know this person and they did not. Anyway there was mutual attraction between us, managed to meet up once outside dance class.

    The thing is I was due to leave for the UK in 2 months time after meeting him for my travels and work experience (was going to be in the UK for 2 years).

    Long story short, I thought I would get over him once I got to the UK but did not so I just told him how I felt and his main reason was pretty much whats the point when I am on the other side of the world. Anyway so we never really communicated after that. I did not know what my situation was as in when exactly I will be returing.

    Durng my time in the UK I still had strong feelings for him, I did meet other guys and dated but nothing eventuated from it.

    I returned home end of April this year and went back to dance class same place and he was there and and we talked blah blah. I was really excited to return home too hoping that something may develop once I returned. But as I mentioned he is seeing this other female from dance class also, so was disappointed in that.

    I dont feel jealous or anything (not sure why! lol) am just gutted. I do not know what the status of their r/ship is if its serious or what.

    But I dont know, just have this knowing, maybe I am just deluding myself. This has never happened to me before not even with my ex whom I broke up with 4 years ago.

    So yeah I met him March 2008 and its now August 2010 and I still feel the same the day I first met him.

    Just disappointed its like this 😞

  • thank you Captain!

    I have to say you are almost right for all you said!

    But talking about me, i suffered all my life the fact that people take me for fragile or weak. inside, I was never it. I was growing. I did. I am so opposite in fact because I felt the suffer so deep I guess.

    I always had a double me. I guess this is because I have a rising in Gemini, and a moon in libra. but with an aries in sun. ha ha.

    thank You !!

  • Reborned, you may not feel fragile or weak but you are very vulnerable and want someone to look after you. This is not the right man for you, however. He is very controlling and possessive.

  • Mia, the reason you don't feel any jealousy about this man is because it is not sexual love you feel for him but a stirring of the old sibling closeness you had in a previous life. You long for the close brother-sister relationship you once shared. But this is another life and a different set of circumstances. This would never work as a real love relationship so move on, unless you want to waste your life pining for someone who doesn't return your feelings.

  • Thanks Captain, I am moving on, nothing I can do anyway. Just i still have feelings for him -been so long. Wish I never met him in the first place, i mean what was the point of it all -nothing. I see him at dance class still, dont want to quit class just cause of that as I do enjoy the teaching and all that there.

    Hopefully someone enters my life soon so I can forget about him and truly move on.

  • TheCaptain,

    I agree with you totally. and in fact i didn't start a relationship at all for the same reasons you are saying. I just came out of a painful relationship and I feel like I know how to protect myself better. but the look of vulnerability interferes me too often unfortunately. I am very strong inside though.

    thank you for the readings, they were pretty accurate.

    If it is not too much to ask, whenever you have time, please these two guys love a reading from you too.


    Andy (the guy in the yellow shirt alway to the right):

    love and blessings !!

  • Mia, do you really need someone else to help you move on?

  • Reborned -

    Serxhio: this young man is avery sensitive and easily hurt. He has suffered a lot of pain in his life and is very insecure because of it. He doesn't believe that he will be very happy in life and feels unloved. He doesn't trust other people not to hurt him and carries an emotional shield of protection around him and doesn't share his true feelings with many. He also feels a bit lost as to what he is supposed to do with his life. But he has healing ability that can be used in many professions to help others. He just has to learn to focus more on other people's problems than his own to gain a proper sense of proportion.

    Andy: this guy is uncertain how other people feel about him. He feels unattractive and thinks the people around him are so much better and have so much more than him. His self-esteem is low and he has many negative thoguhts about himself and his life - he feels he is going nowhere. He should put more value on his good heart and inner wisdom than he does on looks as looks are far less important in the overall assessment. Self-pity will not help him get where and what he wants. He has the intelligence and strength to succeed - now he just needs some self-belief and a practical plan. If he can't be his own best friend, who will be?

  • Unbelievably true!

    Thank you Captain!!

  • I dont..but it would help. Otherwise he is on my mind most of the time (mind you I do kepe busy and am in various clubs and all but at the end of the day i still think of him). First thing when i wake up and before i go to sleep. I know its pathetic, just dont nkow what to do anymore, i just really like him a lot 😞

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  • Woman922, this man will keep playing his game with you until you drop him. He likes to keep you hanging on as his 'support act' without him having to give you anything much back. Someone who really loves you would put your first and treat you better than this. This man is acting from his own selfish desires and never intends to make a permanent arrangement with you. Don't let your insecurities and fears keep you in this cat-and-mouse game a moment longer.

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  • GMB1, what a kind, good-natured person you are! I see a lot of compassion for others in you. You also are a good mixer with a good sense of humour - you like to have fun and enjoy yourself with a wide variety of people. You want to see more of the world and meet different people. You are a good and loyal friend and make a supportive partner. I sense some talent in you for the written word, communications or the media - have you ever thought of entering this field of work?

  • I like to think I'm a good person, but I feel like I'm being tested right now. Having some trust issues in my marriage. I'm not completely innocent either, but I'm trying to be good. Its great to be able to talk to other people in similar situations, but we end up getting a little too close at times.

    To answer your question - I have done some promotion type of work on the side, for fun. I really enjoy doing it, but I also really like my current line of work. I work with a good variety of people and I also get to travel a few times a year. If I ever get bored or need change, then yes I would definately consider that field of work.

    Thanks Captian!

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