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  • Sunshinebabe82, go with your gut feeling and do what you really love to do, even if you have to acquire more skills or do some study.

  • Dear Captain,

    You gave me a reading quite a while back and it was a little bit of an old pic, so I was wondering if you could do one on a pic from today if you have the time?

    Thank you. 🙂

  • Dear Captain,

    You gave me a reading quite a while back and it was a little bit of an old pic, so I was wondering if you could do one on a pic from today if you have the time?

    Thank you. 🙂

  • Hmmm...looks like the pic didn't upload...let's try one more time...

  • Hi Captain

    Here is the most recent one taken (today).




  • Mia1982, whether you realise it or not, you project a vibe that you are better than many of the people around you and this would definitely drive them away or make them feel bad. You may indeed be more intelligent and gifted than many, but you also have human faults like everyone else. Try to see life from other people's points of view more of the time and get to know them better before writing them off as unsuitable companions.

  • Thanks Captain but how do I project this vibe, I find myself rather friendly with others and talkative and all that. And also I like to meet new people (at least as friends first male/female in general) so I dont write people off as such.

    Also, I am just sick of making the first move all the time.

  • Captain,

    Would you do one more photo reading?

    I'd really like your input.

    Thank you!!!

  • Captain,

    can you please do a reading for these two people in this link:

    thank you a lot!!

  • Captain,

    this guy would love a reading too!

    thanks a lot!!!

  • Captain,

    please one more for the boy:

    much appreciated !!

  • Tbright55, sure - post your photo.

  • Hi Captain:

    This is myself and my son he is almost two. If you could tell me what you think. Thank You

  • Oops it was too big see if this worked.

  • Ok I think I got it lol!!

  • 🙂

  • Reborned, with the couple, the man is very sure of himself and the woman is very lacking in confidence. She depends on the man to look after her and tell her what to do, something he loves to do. He is very possessive of her but likes his own freedom to do what he wants. He loves himself more than anyone else and is selfish and arrogant and thinks he is a god. He expects the woman to toe the line. She is very fragile and unable to refuse him anything. I don't see this ending well.

    The man in the second pic has a great fear of life in him. It's like he is just waiting for the inevitable sword to fall on him. But if he expects pain and trouble, then he will create it. he even uses body fat to construct a sort of barrier around him to keep life away. he will often drive people away with hard words or actions in a simple gesture of self-protectiveness. he fears losing everything he has and that he won't be strong enough to handle the loss. He would actually prefer to live like a hermit alone in the wilderness where he thinks he would be safe from hurt. But he just needs to grow mentally and emotionally strong enough to deal with whatever comes, and to project positivity instead of negativity. He also should take more care of his health as I feel him headed for severe illness if he doesn't.

    This boy is like an emotional sponge to the feelings of others. He has absorbed a lot of pain and hurt from the adults around him and carries a lot of their burdens. He must be protected from others' feelings as they affect him badly - those around him must try not to argue or fight in his presence. He feels things so deeply and is very empathic with both people and animals. He must learn how to tell the difference between his own and other people' s feelings and to protect himself by 'shutting out' a lot of the things he picks up, or he will grow up to be very troubled and unhappy.

  • Mia1982, I want you to try an exercise - get to know the next person you meet on a really deep mental and emotional level. Ask them all about themselves. I feel you think you are a good judge of people but that you don't really understand others, and what their lives are like, properly. And you don't come across as friendly as you think. People sense that you quickly turn off them when they don't measure up to your impossibly high standards.

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