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  • A couple more questions, dear Captain.

    May I know what you see in the future for both of us? Kids, home..? We have spoken about our plans many times and I feel that they might happen soon as he have spoken about proposing and all.

    Also, please could you tell me more about my career path and what is suitable for me? I'm currently stuck in a job that doesn't challenge me any more.

    Would appreciate any insight on my life/personality from you. Thank you in advance!

  • Sunshinebabe82, I see you two together and very happy in the future - your man does wnat to have a home and children with you. But you will have to allow him his freedom when he needs it just to be with his buddies or pursue his own interests occasionally. You both need a little time apart now and then to keep things fresh and balanced. You should get out with your friends and family too while he is with his pals. Make sure you two don't isolate yourself from others too much, even though you love to be together.

    As to your career path, what is it that you would really want to be doing?

  • Dear Captain, thanks for the advice concerning the relationship.

    Career-wise, I feel like I would either want a job where I can be creative (like designing or writing) or helping others (making a difference). The work environment is very important to me as well. I need happy people around... My current work place is dullsville, that's why I'm looking to leap. And I feel that my boss does not appreciate what I can contribute to the company...he is rather over-bearing.

    I have a keen interest in counselling, however my area of study is in Marketing.... 😞

    Therefore I'm a bit lost now.

  • Hi Captain, I am wondering if you have any further insights as to where my ring could be? As of now, all issues have already been settled with my fiance, and I told him all my fears for the relationship and they have all been ironed out and I feel more settled in this relationship. Honestly speaking, through this experience, I realise that his love for me is soooo deep and I have a very strong affection for him too, so much so that we want the best for each other. He nearly cried (though he said he has never cried) when he saw me sobbing hard for the loss.

    Anyway, we have both agreed to move on. Though the pain is very much lessened for me, I still miss the ring. I now pray that I have peace within me.If I can find the ring, it's a real BONUS. If not, we'd just have to live life as it is.

    🙂 Thank you in advance Captain! 😄

    You're very nice indeed to be helping so many people whom you have never met in real life!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Sunshinebabe82, I do feel you could be very successful and happy in design. Do you ever produce any craftwork or fashions?

  • Estpl6, are you sure you are facing the truth about your engagement? The fact that the ring has not turned up is significant. I get the feeling that, because your fiance loves you so much, you may feel some obligation to marry him. You said "I realise that his love for me is soooo deep and I have a very strong affection for him too" - you didn't say you loved him. If you marry someone just because they love you a lot - you will never be completely happy. If you don't feel the same way that he does (and I think he may sense that) then you must find someone else you can really give your whole heart to.

  • Woman922, I am sorry but I feel this man is breaking up with you. Though he feels fond of you, he wants more intensity and passion in a relationship. He is also very wrapped up in his career and getting ahead at the moment - he seems very status-conscious and wants to meet people who will help him to achieve his ambitions and elevate his social position in life.

  • Hey Captain

    Its me again...I know we did a vibe reading for myself, perhaps you have more via a picture of me. xox

  • ok..uploading again

  • hi Captain, no no no...I phrased it wrongly. I'm SURE he's The ONE I want to marry and I love him very very much. I'm migrating because of him to be with him. I DO love him very much.

  • The last pic was taken June 2009 last year...this is most recent I have with me - April 2009.

  • Argh! And again..

  • .

  • .

  • Think will stick with the original picture! :)apologies.

  • dob 9/7/1986

    need advise on love, money and work

  • Mia1982, old pictures give out-of-date readings. I will need a recent pic of you.

  • Carmensaben, when it comes to love, I feel you need to reach out and share yourself with others on a more intimate level. You erect protective barriers and construct elaborate defenses to keep others from hurting you but this keeps out potential partners. You can also come across as pushy or meddling when you really just feel responsible for everyone around you. You need to find the balance between being too self-sufficient on the one hand or being too self-sacrificing on the other. I feel you have a strong, maybe subconscious, pull towards raising a family, but you must give up some control and defensiveness if you want to have a truly equal partnership with someone. I also feel there may be some tension or stress connected to the sexual aspect of relationships.

    You are an explorer at heart and tend to go your own way and do everything yourself, but you must learn how to take other people with you on your journey through life. You can be a leader and innovator in your career, maybe even running your own business or organisation as you have the intelligence, and the analytical and diplomatic skills to sell anything to anyone or convince them of the usefulness of your products. I do feel you may have a problem with indecisiveness so you must rely on your intuition more to help you out - go with your gut feelings, in other words, rather than always trying to analyse everything logically. But you need a support group or a good team of co-workers/employees who can offer you helpful and practical feedback. You need people around you who are brave enough to question the original and impulsive new ideas and plans you come up with in order to make sure you stay grounded in reality. In order to succeed, you must be prepared to rock what may have become a rather comfortable boat - that is, your life. Standing still and doing nothing won't bring you love or money. Get organized and get out there - from September, it's a great time for you to begin new projects or jobs, a perfect time for a whole new start, a new attitude, and new ways of doing things.

    You have the strength and persistence to get what you want in life - all you have to do is decide what that is and go after it until you get it. But don't try to do everything at once - make some short-term commitments and follow through with them (in both career and love), then gradually expand the time frame until long-term commitments become feasible. By breaking down your big goals into smaller more manageable steps, you can focus on completing one thing at a time before moving onto the next one. And make sure you choose to do what you love to do - money and success will always follow.

  • Hi Captain, regarding what you asked - yes, I do crafts, but more so in terms of gifts to others and not professionally. I've never done fashion before though.

    Designing wise, I do some for work - in the sense of advertisements and corporate materials.

    Should I venture into designing for my career path then? I'm really not happy at my current workplace. Please tell me what I should do to facilitate a jump....

    Thank you.

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