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  • Estol6, I feel your fiance is holding back some of his worries about getting married. The ring will turn up when the reason for its loss has been resolved.

  • Thank you Captain. 🙂

  • Hi Captain, Could you please tell me what you get from this picture...Thankyou

  • Hi Captain, could you please tell me what you get from this photo

  • Forgiveness75, are these your children or what, and did you want to know what's between you and them or just them alone?

  • Just them If you could please....Thankyou

  • Forgiveness75, it's obvious you put these children first, before yourself. You hope that they will achieve everything you feel you haven't done in your own life. The girl needs and depends on you and is very close to you but the boy wants his independence and is pulling away. In fact, he feels you cling to him too much and expect too much of him. The boy can be very headstrong and impulsive and this will get him into some trouble unless he learns to be a better judge of other people's characters. He feels more physically than mentally oriented while the girl is more emotional. Make sure you allow them to live their dreams, not yours.

  • Thank you Captain, It all makes sense you are a real gem.

  • Hi Captain, can you read differences in photos, like picture 1 taken 4 years ago and pic 2 present photo. otherwise just a general reading on the current one? I would like to know how to get back my happy self?

  • old pic. thx captain

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  • Can you enlarge the current one more, Miciiie? I can compare the two if you want ot just read the current one - whatever you like.

  • Hi Captain, I hope this works, excuse me if it does not. Thank you in advance

  • Miciie, so the black and white photo is the old one?

  • yes Captain the black and white one was taken 2006 and the colour one was taken this year 2010.

  • Yes, Miciie, I can see you have lost a lot of your innocence and openness in four years. You have become much more closed off and wary of people and life in general. You look more like you are baring your teeth at the camera than smiling in the later pic. You need to regain your trust in life and stop expecting to have to protect yourself against harm all the time. There are of course times to be cautious but this only means using your intuition to recognise when a harmful person or situation is near so that you can walk away. You don't have to close yourself down - in fact, you must open up your awareness of the world in order to be safe from it. the more you can see and sense, the more you can avoid harm. You need to give every new situation and person a fresh chance to be wonderful for you and not be jaded or guided by what has happened in the past. That mistrust and wariness is not the real you - it is just a shield you wear to protect yourself. Resolve today to get back your powerful authentic self. It is not lost, just forgotten.

    Try this exercise at the beginning of every day: Stand up straight and take ten deep breaths. Then say out loud - "I trust that life will send me what I need to learn and move forward and that I am strong enough to face whatever comes my way. I know that my future is full of fun, excitement and love and that every challenge is an adventure that can help me grow and evolve into my authentic self. I welcome new opportunities and people and I want to share myself with others in a free and easy way, knowing that the angels and guides are always with me, supporting me and loving me. I love myself, too."

  • Hello Captain, please can you let me know what you see about my boyfriend and I?

    Thank you!! 😃

  • Sunshinebabe82, I see two people who are very attracted to each other. But I sense some doubt in the woman as to whether her boyfriend will stay with her or will perhaps stray if she can't hold his interest. But I can see that he is really into her so she can be confident of his affection for her. He wants to care for her and protect her. But if she shows a lack of trust in him, it might hurt him enough that he will leave.

  • Oh my god dear Captain, you hit the nail on the head!

    We love each other deeply. I do have lots of trust issues that came from past baggage which I have shared with him as well ,and which I'm trying my best to resolve.He has been nothing but supportive and does care for me greatly.

    You are indeed amazing.....

    Thank you thank you! 😃

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