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  • Redleo73, you have a very warm, generous and creative hard-working spirit that, combined with your dramatic flair, could see you become very successful in the arts, business, or even the theatre. But personal touchiness, being ungrounded, or a negative reaction to honest helpful criticism can hold you back from achieving a high level of success. You have sensitivity and empathy for others and are a wonderful planner and leader. You do however need to know when to remove yourself from unduly emotionally demanding people or situations for your own good. Protect yourself by establishing firm psychological and psychic boundaries because you very easily pck up other's feelings.

  • Thanks Captain! I looked under the sink, and in the pipe too. Nothing found. 😞

  • Thank you Captain!!!

  • One more please...

  • Capt, what can you tell me about this couple?

  • Sky4angels, this man is very uncomfortable in his body - his subconscious mind remembers a time when he had no body and was free to move about as he pleased. Now he feels very tied down to the earth and subsequently hates his body and does not care for it at all. He must learn that the body can be a beautiful graceful thing and that caring for it will make him feel better about being corporeal. Getting involved in yoga, dance or sports will teach him that the body can be a finely honed instrument and that it is like a car - a vehicle that moves us around on this earth but that can break down if not cared for. If he continues to loathe his body, it will continue to deteriorate until he literally cannot move any more. He is not a happy person but he will feel much better when he begins to care about himself.

  • VioletFemme, a dangerous combo here. The woman is very loving and giving but the man is very mistrustful and possessive, even to the point of violence if he thinks that the woman might cheat on or leave him. Not a safe or balanced relationship, this one. The irony is that his desperate hold on her is what will drive her away from him. The more he tries to grab onto her like a possession, the more she will pull away. But she will exhaust herself trying to help him deal with his problem first.

  • Hi captain, thank you for the replies. Do you have any other insights for me? Or has whatever I told you affected your vibes in a way? 😞 I'm sorry.

  • Estpl6, I still see your ring lying in some sort of dirty drain, gutter or pipe.

  • Estpl6, I am being told by spirit that when the issues surrounding your engagement (perhaps your fears about marriage and commitment) have been cleared up, your ring will be found. If you or your fiance are having any doubts at all, you must deal with them as the loss of the ring symbolises that there are concerns there from one or both of you.

  • Thank you Captain.....very insightful.

  • what can you tell me about this person

  • Changes5, this girl has one foot on the earth and the other in spirit. So she is a dreamy realist or a practical mystic at various times. Her left eye sees into unseen dimensions and worlds of spirit while her right eye assesses people and the real world. She was a witch in a past life and still possesses strong mystical powers that she uses subconsciously. So she needs to be very careful with her words and deeds, lest she hurt someone with her mind powers. She can have a very big influence over people and must exert a lot of self-control.

  • my i have a reading thank you

  • my i have a reading thank you

    i want new life with right one

  • Angelonwatch, I feel that other people can find you quite demanding at times and you have very high standards for your partners. You expect quite a lot - perhaps more than is realistic and can become very disappointed when people don't live up to your high expectations. If you want to find a romantic partner, you have to relax your standards a bit, because no one can be as perfect as you want them to be. Everyone has their faults. You like unconventional people and places and have many good inventive ideas but seldom try to put them into practice. Your emotions can take control of you and you need to learn more detachment. You can't have the world exactly as you want it so try to not let your strict moral code come between you and others. You have a great capacity to give and receive affection and are very sensitive, but your love of freedom may hold you back from committing to a relationship for very long. Trust in others is very hard for you to achieve, but you must develop it if you ever want to have a good loving relationship.

  • Hi Captain,

    Thanks for the insight. I hope we have already ironed out the issues. But I'm just wondering how do we know if the ring will appear at all? thanks,

  • hank you bless and always peace be with you


  • Hi Captain,

    Does the picture need to be recent or does it matter?


  • Luvslife, yes the photo does need to be recent if you want the most up-to-date reading. An old photo gives an old reading which may not apply to the person anymore. Unless of course the person has passed on.

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