Photo Readings

  • RebeccaAnn, yes more walks and playtime would be good, especially if it is just you and him and not other animals. He craves more attention from his human carers.

  • Also RebeccaAnn, if you can make him feel more useful, like getting him to fetch and retrieve things at home and when you are out walking. He needs to feel needed and valuable, like he is bringing back to you something you lost or want..

  • Okat Captain, will have to teach him how to do that, He has not learned fetch properly yet i dont think so anyways.

    will try my best 🙂

    Bee x

  • Hopefully my pic uploads...

  • Captain,

    Would you mind sharing your insights with me when you look at this picture?

    Is there anything I can do for her?

    Very much appreciate your help!


  • Captain,

    Would love a Photo Reading on this man, please!

    Is he still in love with the German girl he married?

    Many thanks!


  • Sky4angels, this photo says to me "I so want to be loved and be close with other people but I am terrified of being hurt." This woman sends out mixed messages to others so that they find her confusing. She seems to be warm and friendly but they never really feel as if they can get too close. Thus, people hover around her like satellites to a moon, never getting the chance to land or explore the 'unknown' territory. So in avoiding pain, she also avoids real intimacy and real relationship.

  • MysticalEnergy, this girl wants to be able to cope with her problems on her own because part of the problem is that she has low self-esteem. So being strong enough to cope on her own is very important to her. And it's working - she is managing to work through her problems, though with much inner struggle. If you try to offer her help instead of just love and support, she will feel you think she is weak. So in this case helping could be harming.

  • MysticalEnergy, it's not so much love as dependence that this man feels for his wife. He hates to be alone and feels that she may be the only one he can turn to who really 'gets' him. He feels misunderstood by most everyone else. He doesn't actually like being in love - he feels it weakens him and emotions make him uncomfortable so he is more attracted to strong unemotional women who will look after him like a mother/sister rather than an equal or lover.

  • Wow, that is amazing Captain. That is totally me to a "t"!

  • Captain,

    can you please tell me if this couple really connect in any way?


  • Wow ~ your readings are simply amazing and so much more. Your insights definitely reflect his current wife.

    I know he was very head-over-heels in love with his 1st wife, they met in High School, got married in their 20s but the marriage only lasted 14 years. Did he ever get over her?

  • Hi Captain, I wonder if you know exactly where this ring might be now? Million thanks. 🙂

  • MysticalEnergy, I feel the man and woman in your pics pull away from each other, rather than towards each other like repelling magnets. But when far enough away, the magnet reverses and pulls them back again, like they can't help it. They feel more like polite enemies or lusty rivals than friends, though.

    Well, I feel that the man still thinks of his first wife often, but it is more with the fantasy provided by time and distance than how it really was.

  • Estpl6, did you lose it outside somewhere? Because I see another woman wearing it and admiring it on her finger.

  • Hi the problem is I can't recall. I was pretty sure I have it at home. But now I'm not so sure now. Is there a way to locate this woman? or is this woman near me? Someone I know?

  • Hi Captain, may I add that I'm sure or I have a feeling I did bring it home. Thanks. Any help will be great! 😄

  • Thank you for your insights ~ definately helped me get a clearer point of view.

  • Hi Captain-

    Could you please take a look at my picture and let me know what you see/feel ?

    Thank you as always!

  • Estpl6, maybe it's your feelings for the ring I'm picking up. I am now seeing it lying inside a pipe like for a sink or toilet.

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