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  • That's fine, HealingWays.

  • Thank you so much, I will post it now,

    much gratitude to you 🙂


  • That's pretty much right on.

    I am a bit curious about living "further south", though. Can you maybe explain your feelings here in a little more depth? This isn't the first I've been told that Portland isn't the right place for a move despite my own feelings about the place. It is pretty far north, though, so "south" of it could be just about anywhere, however, there are a few places that have some significance: Los Angeles, CA, Austin, TX, Atlanta, GA and Nashville, TN. I am wondering if any of them are relevant or if it's somewhere else entirely? I am not really sure at this point where to go or when I'd be in a position to leave anyway, but I know the living situation I'm in can't hold out forever, and that's mostly why I've been looking around.

  • Andiyana, the place is not clear to me because you are not yet clear inside yourself about what exactly you are hoping to find in a new place. If you can give me more definite details once you have made up your mind, I can help you further. But it has to be real practical goals, not romantic ideals.

  • HealingWays, your daughters seem to be attracted to very earthy, solid types yet they are not very spiritual men. This guy is good humoured and practical but has no time for psychic readings (though he does have a curiosity about it though he would deny it). He does have rather a lot of self-doubt too especially about how attractive he is. He looks for beauty and femininity in a woman and also wants a good cook and home-maker. Very traditional but as I said, deep down he wants to believe in something mystical and magical.

  • Many thanks captain, I will pass your message on to her 🙂


  • Hi Captain, Looking forward to your reply...

  • Sorry captain about the photo uploaded wrong one and cant delete it .... I look stunned lol

  • Captain. could you please do a reading from my photo. Thank-you d

  • Hello Captain, Maybe this photo will work. could you please do a reading from my photo. Thank-you d

  • Hello Captain, Maybe this photo will work. could you please do a reading from my photo. Thank-you d

  • Hello Captain, Maybe this photo will work. could you please do a reading from my photo. Thank-you d

  • Hi TheCaptain,=-)

    I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds by asking a question, If I am, I sincerely apologize.

    What do you "see" when you look at the photo's posted. Do you see aura's, image's in your mind or do you "feel" the energy from them? Do you get a combination of things? I'm curious because this an ability I'd like to develop within myself someday, if possible.

    Thank you for being generous with your help and advice.=-)

  • Hello Captain,

    Can you please give me a photo reading,

    I just put it on a outside link

    thank you a lot


  • Hello Captain,

    I would love a photo reading for my husband too! Thank you again!!!


  • Hello Captain,

    This is my sister in law and her husband, whom both would love a reading as well!!

    many bleesings!!


  • Robin33, yes it's a combination of things - it can be impressions or images or even sometimes a physical pain if I am picking up an illness. Sometimes I get an image that represents the person or other times I just get a strong sense of how they are.

  • This is my dog charlie, i was wondering if you'd be so kind if you could pick up anything about him?

    RebeccaAnn X

  • Flower2010, I feel you hide your true feelings with humour or defensiveness and rarely share yourself deeply with others. You feel fearful of attracting disapproval if you are too outrageous or controversial or tread outside society's boundaries. Consequently I feel you squash your creativity down a lot. You should try expressing your authentic self, regardless of other people's reactions - let your light shine. You will feel a lot happier and may even find a new direction for your career.

    Your husband is as guarded as you are. Your relationship must be difficult at times with you both trying to be on your best behaviour and unable to really relax. That's what having a partner is all about - being at ease with one another and sharing problems but I feel there is a strain here to keep up appearances rather than express your weaknesses to each other. Your husband is very conscious of his image - of how he presents himself to the world - which is very different to the insecure person he is inside. He can be very secretive about his real self as a way to protect his deep sensitivity.

    Sister-in-law and husband - the man here is also very guarded about his thoughts and feelings. The woman is more open and gets confused as to why her hubby doesn't share himself with her like she does with him. She thinks he may be hiding bad stuff from her. She is very insecure about how attractive and lovable she is and worries her hubby might find someone more appealing.

  • Captain could you also read my friend, i told you about before, Her name is Alyson and id love to know something you can pick up from this picture, it is a very old one of her like the one of charlie!

    RebeccaAnn x thanks again!

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