Uncharacteristic masochistic urges?

  • so, my twin soul and i randomly felt the desire to cut/burn ourselves a little bit ago, and neither of us really said anything about it until now because it was a semi-passing thought but a really pressing need.

    neither of us ever have urges to hurt ourselves. we're actually pretty averted to pain.

    anybody got any insight?

    please and thanks. 😄

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  • i put that their so someone can answer your question

  • The sexual desire is a strong animal force. But with the right inner feeling, it may heal the two as you become united and purified into higher spiritual levels.

    When having intercourse, it is therefore important to have a clean inside, to remain pure inside while having intercourse. This is excactly to prevent that the act becomes a situation where low forces (demons) becomes stronger inside the two of you.

    The actual purpose of the sexual act, is that the two cleanse and heal for each other, that the two become closer to the human soul level. The human soul is in a very high spiritual level. Much higher than the animal souls. To have intercourse should be human soul meeting human soul, not animal soul meeting animal soul.

    When letting animal feelings dominate and use you in the act, you are in fact doing both of you the opposite of a service for each other. You are instead of doing something that could help the two of you spiritually, you are letting animal forces fill you in the act.

    And that the animal forces become what unites you - instead of the human force, wich is more pure and more true to who you really are.

    So please dont have intercourse like that. For your own sakes. It does not help you to become healed as human beings.

  • oh no no no we're not having sex or anything!

    i'm gay! haha

    no, nothing like that, we just both had to the urge to hurt ourselves seperatley and we found out later that we both had the feelings around the same time.

    thanks for the information, though. 😄

  • 😕

    it sucks that simple words get blocked like that.

  • The urge to feel pain can be an effort to ground yourself in the real world and drag your consciousness out of the psychic world.

  • Or just to see if you feel any sort of emotion at all.

  • Oh, no sexx? Hahaha. A big misunderstanding that was. lol

    Hmmm. In that case I think that what The Captain here says makes sense.

    A guy I went in school with years ago used to cut and burn himself. He explained that he liked the feeling. He said that the body responds with activating a hormone to ease the pain. And that the reaction the body gave felt like a drug. So he said he loved it because of the drug kind of feeling he got from that pain-killer-hormone that got activated.

    Or perhaps it was adrenaline that it was? Anyway, it was because of the drug kind of experience that made him do it to himself. But he used to use drugs aswell.

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