Love life help ! please

  • Two recently dumped girls would like to know what the future holds for our love life please could someone do readings for us ?

    Susie 11 jan 1962

    and Sarah 23 aug 1970

    what is going to happen next?? Many thanks i love this site and all the helpful guides XX

  • Susie, this year should see you involved in a long-term relationship or even contemplating marriage, and family responsibilities/caring for others is highlighted.

    Sarah, this is more an introspective year for you - of going within to sort out your issues on all subjects but especially relationships, and exploring what you really need and want. It is more of a time alone than for being with one special person. Though I do feel you will date a lot.

  • thanks very much captain you are a star !

  • Spalma. Peace and love is always around you. Really . i do not believe any one knows but you. history present and past are key. if self love and purpose have not been recognized you could be stagnant on your godess path of truth. we as all have a divine purpose "WORLD" card. Find our place in the universe is essential because thaTS WHERE WILL BE AND WHERE HE" WE BE AND IT WILL BECAUSE OF TEMPERANCE. harmony, the divine union, balance, the right mix. often AFTER A SEPERATION, read into the hermit and ace of hearts in relevance to self love and understanding. HEAL. Bleass you.

    i pulled past present future : i feel feminine love energy for you in the future but when is up to you, remmember a spychics may see a manifesting , but what the relationship is , is up to you , it happended to me .. i see MAN aries your with him laughing watching tv, he was a guy 46 i worked with i am 24, not my love mate.

    past: dissapointment and confusion, but heart holding hope: 8 of cups

    present: reversed nine swords: lower frequency" mental anguish in regards to longing for emotional clarity.

    Future" the Empress.feminine aspect of consciousness, female growth and prosperity

  • sorry about the typos

  • Thanks turboxs ! is the Aires man in my future ?? I dont quite understand? but in general it seems a good reading and positive ! many thanks x

  • Spalma, you are a cusp leo virgo! also i studies trial and error with assesments and learned about Vedic astro. I myself feel that no one is a strait leo , virgo ect..... i feel that we all have strengths and lower frequencies of all because we we born under all planetary influences, some stronger and weaker. There are a few charACTERISTICS i can say about aries, but wait law of attraction, we generally attrACT what we send, i am an activist very agggressive in challenges and victory , so the three aries people i met during my time leading sales dept we aggresive go getters. So its hard to say. You are the creater of your destiny and your true colors, will, i learned that fate can be manifested, but we can win over fate and create our own destiny. I found that as long as you do U thats the best because u will be true and real and wherever u are in the universe the complimets and graces of people in divine union will be there, We just have to get ourselves Solid and strong to intune to our abilities regarding assesing ourselves and our partner, also being loveing to ourselves and independently agile emotionaly to be selfless in love.

  • With your permission only, i will do a reading for you regarding ...... as you please

  • I would love anyone to do a reading for me so please go ahead Turboxs !

    if you need info, I am Capricorn born 11.Jan .62 in Scotland

    the man i love is an Aries born 31.March.74

    Thanks x

  • Would like a reading if you would turboxs..Dob 10 22 69 and man in love with is 11 02 71. Thank you for you time and energy. Peace and love..thank you

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