Does anyone read fingerprints?

  • Hi,

    A long time ago, someone read my fingerprints and were amazed that I have bullseye fingerprints on all fingers. I was just curious to hear someone else's opinion on the subject.

  • Hi Barbralee!

    You asked a Q right up my alley, lol ! No two fingerprints are alike, not on any individual nor from person to person. Not even on identical twins. Fingerprint patterns are formed from ridges and furrows and they are present from birth. General patterns are called: loops, whorls, arch .... some bifurcate. More than likely, the person who told you this saw a wholr pattern.

    When someone does a palm reading they look at some things like fleshyness, color, shape and overall lines and relate them to many other things. ( ie., planets )

    Hope this helped!

  • Hi again! : ) Your question got me curiopus and i found this on the web: The ancient Chinese had devised a way to read personality and destiny traits by studying the location of Circles (Whorls and Mixed Figures) and Waves (Arches and Loops) on five fingers: Thumb, index, middle, ring and little fingers, and from that came up with thirty-two character types. The Circle is "Yang" which is the male, positive, active, motion, dry and hot represented by the Sun. The Wave is "Yin" which is the female, negative, passive, still, moist and cold represented by the Moon.

    In the old days, the fingers of prospective daughters-in-law were carefully scrutinized by prominent families to ensure they did not unwittingly welcome women who had fingers that showed alternate circles and waves (such as circle, wave, circle, wave, circle, or wave, circle, wave, circle, wave) on their fingers. It was commonly believed that such women would bring trouble into the family, being particularly difficult to control and usually very aggressive.

    According to the Chinese culture, the right hand represents "Yin" and the left hand represents "Yang." So, men should examine their left hands, while women should look at their right hands. Some Chinese reverse this order after the age of about thirty.

  • oops sent before I was ready, the rest:

    WHORLS: Creativity, independence, determination and originality unaffected by convention or opposition. The Whorl is a point of intensification and is the mark of the individualist. It usually means a leader or a non-conformist who holds strong personal views and often denotes success, particularly when seen on the index and/or ring finger.

    Gives you some idea any way. Enjoy!

  • Hi, Laie4! Thanks for the information. The guy who read my fingerprints was amazed that all of my fingerprints were perfect bullseyes. He said that usually only famous people like rockstars had that. He said that it didn't necessarily mean that I could achieve that, but I did have a few instances in my life where I did almost become famous.

    I wondered if anyone else knew about having all fingerprints being bullseyes.

  • Hi ! Just saw you posted so I wanted to follow up. Palm readers don't do this, but .... Check with a magnifying glass which finger has this mark. As I pointed out .... all fingers can not be marked this way. Its stastically impossible : ) , but ... Not improbable that One may have this : ) It certainly would only help in your search to try and narrow this down, I think. Here's some more from a web site, a great place to find stuff out! LOL !

    Jupiter or Index Finger

    A long index finger indicates ambition and leadership qualities. It reflects magnetism in the individual and ability to command over others. However, the drawback is that a person will be short tempered and quick to react when his authority is challenged.

    Apollo or Ring Finger

    Ring finger or the finger of Apollo reflects love for aesthetics, creativity, a romantic and emotional disposition. If the ring finger reaches the bottom of the nail of the middle finger, then it reflects a balanced character. Shorter length reflects a person's inability to express his emotions whereas, if the ring finger crosses the base of the nail of the middle finger, then it means that the person expresses his emotions very easily and lacks caution in this regard.

    There is so much available to look at just by goggling, especially if you figure out where/ what finger. Good Luck!

  • Hi Laie4,

    I did check my fingerprints with a lighted magnifying glass and all 10 fingers are bullseyes. That was why the guy who read my fingerprints was so amazed. Whether it is statistically possible or not, I don't know, but truth is all 10 are truly bullseyes.

  • Hi Barbralee!

    Thats cool! --- Try looking at fingertips of people around you too for comparison. I'm not a palm reader just trained in a few fields. ( you really can bank on my first post here)

    I so enjoy all the aspects of metaphysics because everything starts somewhere for a reason. We all seek to understand our lives. When your looking for answers, something will "speak" to you and you will know its a truth. If its something worth pursuing, Read up on it .

    I had fun looking into this .... my kids call me a geek, LOL ! One truth, I don't even bother to deny! : > )

    Well, heres a bump to the top for ya ~ Hope your day is going well!

  • Hi, Laie4,

    I have been doing more research about whorls and fingerprints. According to one site I would say I have the plain whorl, according to photos.

    It has been very interesting googling fingerprints. They had talk of whorls and autism and mental retardation. My boyfriends son is special needs and autistic. He doesn't like to be touched, but he lets me massage his back and his feet. I will have to try to look at his fingerprints, more importantly his palm prints to see if what I read is substantiated by his whorls.

    If I knew how to forward the site I looked at to show you what my fingerprint sorta looks like, I would. Have a good evening!


    By the way, what is your first name?

  • I really have to step away from this computer --- my butt is making a permanant dent in the chair, lol ! I've worked with special needs --- wow! He lets you rub his hand & feet ! Little things make all the difference, don't they?

    I go by my screen name of Laie. No, its not my real name but for this purpose its what I use. You can type in the address of the site if you want to share it. For instance, this one would be written as (skipping the whole www thingy ) tarot dot com backslash forum. You don't usually need to go further with an address. Especially, if you point someone in the right direction like you did with me by stating a particular whorl type.

  • Laie,

    This is the site I looked at for fingerprints. Let's see if you can access. It is,gif.

    I brought my lighted magifying glass to my boyfriends tonight, and he looked at my fingerprints and agreed that all ten are bullseyes.

    My brother took care of special needs people, died taking care of one. He just fell over with a heart attack. He found his calling in life, working with special needs.

    My boyfriends son interacts with me in ways that he doesn't with most people. He even gave me a bite of his ice cream, which he never shared with anyone. I feel very honored.

    Sleep well,


  • Laie,

    Do you have Native American ancestry? I think I read somewhere

    that this is considered proof of lineage. At any rate, you probably

    have a unique gift that will bring you some notoriety. We girls

    with whorls are special, lol...Let me do some research and I'll

    come back and post. You've got me curious now...

  • Oops! I meant BarbraLee. Long day...

  • Archersbow,

    I am mostly Norwegian, Swedish and a little German.

    I am somewhat psychic, although some might say psycho, LOL. I have always been very intuitive and I believe I am an old soul. I think I have lived many lifetimes.

    I have had a lot of moments where I could have become famous, almost, but no cigar. And it isn't that that is what I am seeking...I just want to survive on my talents and abilities.

    Thanks for your interest.

  • Barbaralee,

    Well so much for that theory, lol...

    I found a web page that is very interesting. The prof starts with the history and then you scroll down and it gets juicy. I will relate one thing and then give you instructions to find the link.

    According to Hindu legend, ten "bull's eye" or "target" fingertips are the "sign of the higher man".

    Google 'palm reading fingerprints', then click on 'Fingerprints and Palmer Dermatoglyphics' by

    Edward D. Campbell.

    It also goes into detail about all the research and personality traits attributed to every pattern.

    And he has a very long source list if you want to delve further. Hope this helps...

  • Hello Archersbow,

    I couldn't sleep, so I went to the webpage you suggested. Wow!!!! Most interesting. I didn't read it all, but it really is fascinating. Don't know what the "sign of the higer man" means, but as I mentioned, I believe I have led many lives.

    Thanks so much for sharing, I will delve deeper.


  • "Higher Man" or "Brahman" could be referring to those many lives, Barbara. You can delve into Buddhism for the answer there. You are most welcome!

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