Is this Gemini worth it?

  • I'm a Pisces woman who met a Gemini man online back in July 09. He is from the west coast and I am from the east. We found some commonalities between us, but due to several external forces, we never had the chance to meet.

    He broke things off with me about 2 months in and we later agreed to try a casual relationship. The flirtatious text messages and calls continued, but due to so much drama going on in his life, our communication began to suffer. I wasn't much of a priority anymore and decided to break off contact in Nov. On New Years I got a text message from him and we started talking as friends again. Very little sexual talk, but lots of I love you's etc. He called me just about every day up until a week ago. Now I barely hear from him. When I do, he is sweet, but quick with communication. I sent him a text today asking when he wantedt come out and play. He said that it would be a while as he has a lot going on. I asked if he wanted me to wait things out with him and he said yes. I just don't get this string-a-long. Maybe he is seeing someone new?

    How do I end things with him? Should I just cease communication? He isn't willing to carry on conversation at length, so I can't take the high road and talk to him over the phone. It is really hard to know someone's true intentions when they are so far away. He sent me a Valentines text early in the morning my time and such actions make me want to give him a chance, as there is no evidence that he is "truely" playing me, but I am having my doubts, as sending a simple text can be deemed as quite lazy in many women's eyes.

    When are things truely in our mind and when are things revealed through a person's actions? I can't expect all men to act the same way and I am not about to jump to conclusions, go psycho, ask all kinds of question and press him for answers or more attention. I like him for what I know about him and am able to deal with his quirks and behaviors that are not clearly understood right now because we haven't met.

    I just don't know what to make of his silence. He did recently lose his job and is going through a few civil matters that he brought against a person that attacked him and also for a lemon car.

    That along with pursuing his PhD. I understand that people become busy and consumed and that men generally like to focus on tasks with little distraction. The reason why I am willing to accept this is because we have yet to meet, yet he showing some willingnesst to keep our friendship alive by agreeing that I stick things out with him.

    I just don't know what is going on with this Gemini and I don't want to appear as if I am prying. I also think that if he truely wanted to end things with me, he would not reach out from time to time and reconsider the friendship. It is obvious that he has committment issues and I am not hear to make an excuse for him, but do men generally keep women on the back-burner in the event of loneliness etc? Is this the behavior of a man who has someone new or of someone who needs a lot of focus to clear up tasks for his betterment?

    What do I want from this Gemin? A connection and friendship that is based on trust and common ground. We do share a lot of the same views. Just from two different cultures.

    Ahhhh I don't know what to do about this relationship. I have never experienced anything like it.

    Is this typical male "player" behavior or is it even safe to say that men can be driven by certain actions based upon their circumstances and want to focus on fixing them rather than cultivating things that may not be relevant to the issues at hand in his life?

    I just want to know this man's heart... deception or purity? Twins are always quite attracted to me and have a dual feeling of love and frustration when it comes to me. I am thinking that my interactions with them are karmatic in nature.. like unfinished business or unresolved issues in order to get to a higher plane or understand myself better as should he.

    I am not certain why I just can't get settled with these men. Is it logic powerplay over spiritual? Is it the twins at work? Are they ever able to merge the two together? Sometimes I don't know who I am dealing with.

  • What you are experiencing I've read over and over on here about the gems. I think they are kind and highly intelligent but do not know how to connect emotionally because of their " split personality" ( so to speak out of lack of a better word). They weigh their chances and their feelings and their future and have difficulty deciding which way to go. If he wants you to keep in touch he could be truly interested in you. I 've read somewhere in this forum that they have bouts of depression. I don't think they mean clinical depression but melancholy from time to time and would keep to themselves at those times ( probably the reason for those disappearing acts). A psychic told me that gems need to do those disappearing acts to survive the mental torture they go through. If he keeps coming back it could be an indication that they like you and may be want to know you more, albeit in some strange way - just their quirks as you said.

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