Brianna (Mestiza) is currently in the hospital :(

  • chrissicat OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Mestiza,

    I am so glad you are better. I hope they find out what triggered it. Love & Light to you

  • Hi Mestiza, glad you are better also just found this thread! Probabaly something you ate. Weird. Love n Light!

  • Hey Mestiza, it sounds like you got a party thread going right here with all your visitors.

    Your reading - Your life mission is to find a creative talent, person, cause, principle, or religion to which you can unreservedly devote yourself. The key to your success is your depth of passion and your friendly open nature. You must avoid the dangers of addiction, self-criticism, self-pity, rigidity, and intolerance, particularly since you can be a bit obsessive. Adopt a more far-sighted and philosophical approach to pursuing your dream. Experience the joy of listening to and following your heart. You have both the strength and talent to reach for the stars.

  • And here's your 'get well' cake - I hope you like it. It took me hours. 🙂

  • OMG That Cake! I was gonna post, but all I can say is Feel Better Mestiza!

  • I never had fancy cake for myself except the christmas I made myself a christmas cake at school ........with an orange and purple butterfly iced onto it I am lost for words........ hoping you will soon be bouncing back to health Mestiza

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Thanks for that priceless cake!!!!!!!!!!! haha 🙂 Loves it! <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're great captain thanks for the reading! Do you think I should focus on my writing more? I always feel like I'm going to write something worth publishing, but always have too many ideas I never focus on one main one or I just forget it and do something else. Problem is I want to do everything. Mom thinks I'm going to work for radio and be a personality on there lol, I've done that before for school and I adore it. I got a psychic reading a long time ago and she insisted on script writing, and I was like wha-la! What do you think? 🙂

    chrissicat-- mmmm! I want to try to make a fondant(sp) cake. I can't eat much so I've been craving sweets lol I think it's just sugar and water to make the spread or something

    poetic - thanks girl! 🙂

    ragbag- hehe thanks =]

    soapmaker - I'ma order some soaaaaaaaaaap, I got $ from the grandparents to spend it on goodies. I'll order manana (tomorrow)

    I luv my thread 🙂 partay =)!!!

  • Yes I think writing - especially script writing - would be excellent. You would probably have a to do a course. Radio would suit but it could be hard to get into.

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  • how are you doing Mestiza did you get the results of your tests ?,remembering what you said about strange dreams reminded me I meant to tell you but forgot hubby is on Tramadol, which I think may be called Vicodeine where you are for the pain he sometimes gets in what's left of his upper thigh, (he still has the leg but only 1 quad and a lat left from cancer)one night he took an extra dose as it had been quite bad, apparently this gives you hallucinations, well, he hallucinated that he was at work doing his postal round, and was laying in bed posting letters and knocking on doors, at the time I wasn't aware that this was happening and assumed he wanted the tv turned down, but there is only so far the volume can go down, and it's only when I said the tv couldn't be turned down any further, and he replied I'm waiting for no43 to answer, he actually came out of it, his other union rep is on the same stuff for a damaged back and when they were told, said that only he was so devoted to work he'd do that and laughed

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

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