Brianna (Mestiza) is currently in the hospital :(

  • Part of the reason for the sore throat is because of the tube, but that will also go away. I'm glad to hear that she's doing better, and will continue sending healing thoughts and prayers!

  • Good for you, Mestiza. What sort of cake should I bake for your party?

  • Mestiza

    hope that you get to feeling better soon, sending you hugs and love

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be


  • Hi Mestiza,

    Hope you are feeling better! Sending you Blessings and Light!!!!

    Get well soon.


  • Hi everyone, I just got out the hospital, thanks for all your prayers and blessings. I was there since Sunday...apparently I have something called, angioedema. All I remember is I had some starbucks and couldn't breathe after that, I stopped some cops to follow me home then I got taken to the hospital. It was the scariest thing in the world....I was tied to all these tubes and used a breathing machine for a couple days, something I don't ever want to go through again. Well I finally got out today, I'm seeing specialists all next week to do some alergy tests but I just have to take benedryl EVERYDAY now 😞 I'm still stressed and tired and scared terrified to fall asleep, I was knocked out on the michael jackson drug most of the days but my dreams were c r a z y. I just hope things get back to normal 😞

    Hope everyone is well, be happy!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps: i missed vday and fat tuesday 😞 and i can't even eat chocolate or any goodies right now 😞 sad...

    pss: thanks Kam for putting this post up!! I knew the prayers on would kick my recovery in gear lol. It's like turbo-blessings. lol

  • Mestiza, glad you are well on your way,I hope things continue to go well for you!

    Best to you!!!

  • Glad to hear you are out of hospital, hoping for all your health news to be good

    love and hugs

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Hey Mestiza!Great to see you back!Hugs!!

  • So get out that pretty dress of yours. Where do you want to hold your "I am on the road to wellness" party?

  • Welcome back, Mestiza!! Hope your recovery progresses quickly. Have a great day, don't worry, you will be better soon!!

  • I wanna go out with my girls but I'm stuck at home on margarita night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 😞 Lol I'm not sure captain, whats the next holiday coming up??? 😃 St Pat's day party!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need some good reads,

    thecaptain do you have any other articles I can look into, I'm still drowsy can't do much so I've just been surfing the net.

    Omg my dreams are still SO CRAZY. I wish I could write a script out they'd make amazing movies lol. Thecaptain is there anything you pick up that I should pay attention to from this crazy experience? If you can't pick up anything thats fineeeeee.

    Thanks chica.

    😃 thanks everyone!


  • thank youuuuuuuuuuuu and muchos blessings to youuuuuu:










    and of course Kam, for saving my life thanks lol. 😃

    Bri ❤

  • Mestiza, I feel like you became allergic to something you inhaled rather than ingested. Did you encounter any toxic fumes or anything like that when you became ill?

  • They said i have a rare's random...I had a starbucks mocha, then I couldn't breathe anymore, but i'm not allergic to coffee milk or chocolate and i've had them 38839898938 times. They are gonna test me for regular allergies on monday but if nothing comes to surface then it was just a mixture of two things I either inhaled or ate that went crazy and combusted with eachother. It's nuts. I was sick with a cold for a week before it happened and was just popping ibuprofins and regular drugs everyday to help with my cough and headache, so of course that with a combo of cold weather and something I inhaled or ate could have triggered it. It's still scary though.

    I thought I was dead until I woke up on thursday like what's goin on!? My dreams were wildly vivid, I could hear voices and see figures, people I didn't recognize though. I went to a jungle once (lol) I was like oh great........I'ma find out what really happens now. Lol Kams telling me everything that happened when I was sedated, crazy stuff.

  • The experience triggered your psychic ability into hyperdrive and now it's coming at you all at once. Ask your guides to help you manage it - maybe ask them to help you slow it all down into smaller less symbolic bites.

  • Wowowowow okay. Will do! I feel so re-energized though now, I feel like I need to do a bunch of stuff now, def want to get back into my health kick I used to be in, I turned 21 and just wanted to go out so I got lazy lol but I'm ready to get stuff done now. See some new things, experience new stuff. I feel like I have to DO something but I'm not sure what. I had some crazy adventures when I was sedated lol!

    Would you mind a mini get well reading? I just want to put some stuff into perspective for the next couple weeks or months 🙂 ! !!!!!!!! It's 10/19/1988 10:43am,, whenever you have time! Whatever may pop up. Thank you muchosss!!!!

    ~Brianna 😉

  • Dearest Mestiza, thank you for your blessings,

    keep us posted with findings as to what caused this,

    this is sooo scary , you are very lucky to be alive and that people were close by to you,

    I am so glad you are ok

    I wish you only the best and may you always be safe and protected

    Blessings to you...

  • Thanks Goldenhill, I see some specialists tomorrow for some allergy tests so we'll see, my girls are over, they bought me presents and cookies so we are hanging out right now!!! M

  • ..(it posted before i was finished...weird)..Movie night! 🙂 I am blessed to be okay, life is too precious! It was very scary, happy it's over, but most definitely made me stronger just in case it happens again. 🙂

  • Mestiza,

    Ibuprofen can do wierd things, hubby took some once and forgot he had then went out with his mates for a drink, he said he got high, he didn't do it again LOL

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