For June26Moon Girl has Same Birthday As Yours

  • Hi, this is for June26Moon or anyone who can help really. I would send a personal message but I don't see anything to click on for that to be possible.

    My birthday is 6/16/83

    Hers is 6/26/89 same birthday as you, maybe not year, but I figured you could defiantly help me here.

    I like this girl but she is very confusing. She really liked me at first and we got along great. I'm not sure if I did something wrong but she went cold real fast. I usually walk away from this stuff but man, she is too cool of a chick to forget about. I feel like i'm the cancer and she's the gemini in this situation.

    Any help will be much appreciated,

    Thanks, Blue

  • Bump for any birthday readings.

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