Spririts/Sprit Guides

  • Can someone let me know if if my Spirit Guides or Spirits on the other side have any messages for me??

    I feel they try to talk 2 me but I'm not audible.

    Birth Date: 15/05/1974 Liverpool Australia.Currently living in Macquarie Fields NSW Australia

    Here's a pic 4 extra help.I'm not reserved I was hot.lol

  • you hear them you just dont listen. you dont trust what you do hear. there is one feminin and one masculine. a father figure.and a feminine figure older than him. i see a fieldand a wood fence.

    i hope this helps. just trust in yourself to know the difference between right and wrong. trust your true sight.


  • My Nan and Jock.

  • did jock chuckle a lot?

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