Chances of same cards coming up in the same place on different readings

  • OKay - this is kind of odd - can't find the paper I wrote this down on right now - I left it at work. I just discovered it on Friday when looking over some of the readings I had where I had written down some cards that came up.Over a period of a few months -Sept 2009 and Jan 2010 I have had several (maybe 7) tarot readings done - Four of them were Celtic Cross. I don't know what the others were called. I Of the 4 Celtic Cross readings 3 cards in 3 of the readings came up in the same place on each reading. That's all I remember.I have to find the list at work. 1 card came up in all the readings (one of the above 3 cards) but in a different place. Other cards also came up the same in some of the readins and in different places. Is this statisically significant? I wanted to post this before I forgot. I will get the rest of the information what I go back to work on tuesday. thanks. Just that I thought the mathematical probability was interesting.

  • turtledust, I'm not exactly sure what you want, but I'll try to help.

    In general, when you do readings frequently about things that are on your mind often--recurring things like love or work or family issues--the same cards will tend to reappear because they still have relevance to the situation at hand...Do you see what I'm saying? For instance if you got the Hierophant repeatedly, it would probably mean you were being stubborn about asking for help in a situation you can't solve alone. Until you do what you need to, the card will keep reappearing. This happened to me with the Justice card until I learned my karmic lessons. I hope this helps. Good luck!

  • Turtledust, well put. I too have experienced cards comming up constant regarding the same question but, i also learned it is better to ask questions in the categories of; love, health, family, carreer, ect.... about once a week at the most.

  • Hmm - thanks . THese particular readings were done over a period of a few months. I can't remember if they were specific questions or general readings - I have to go back and look,

    Since the spread I am most familiar with is the Celtic Cross, it is easier for me to remember what cards came up. After a couple fo repeats, I started to write some of them down. I can see where if the same question was asked and the same card came up in the same place, it would have the same meaning and maybe that problem had not been resolved. I guess, if you asked different questions and the same card came up, the meanigns would be different dependent upong the question. SO just because a card meant a white knoght was going to slay all the dragons in your life in one reading pertaining to one question, in another reading for another question, the same card coming up in the same spot could simply mean that you would be able to work out all of your problems using your resources to their fullest extent.

    So maybe there is no real coincidence here. But I think that I will do an experiment and have a questions that I ask using the same spread and ask it every month or 6 weeks and see what cards come up and what to eventual outcome is. It should be interesting. thanks!

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