Leo Man and Cancer/Leo cusp woman

  • How can I make this relationship work. He said he loves me, misses me, but we have been apart for 5 months now. I know for sure that there is no one else for either of us in the picture.

  • Have you been in contact at all?

  • Yes, we speek on the phone quite often. My step dad died and he came to the funeral. We used to live together but b/c of an argument, I moved out. The argument was just recently talked about and both our versions are different. I have loved him for almost 5 yrs now. Those years were difficult b/c we fought a lot of times. I don't know if our signs are maybe too close, or maybe just not compatable. He was born on Aug 2, 1957 and I was born on July 22, 1953, I was hoping for some insight.

  • This has good prospects for marriage or the long term. There is an electric energy between you and the relationship demonstrates a high level of intelligence which it generally puts to its ambitions: getting to the top is important for you both, and in fact you usually rank the personal side of your relationship second in importance to its social, political, or financial goals. Power drives must not be allowed to get out of hand here, however, for the relationship can run amok if not properly guided and controlled.

    A short term love affair is rarely of outstanding depth or passion here. You two have so much energy but don't always direct it well. Sexual energy in particular can wind up sublimated into other activities. Marriage on the other hand can work out excellently, as long as both of you are given full independence, and family responsibilities are kept to a minimum. As spouses, you two may be very ambitious for each other, or may even team up in a career activity. You are quite capable of working out an arrangement crafted to suit you, managing to preserve whatever quality time together you need; for example, even when work demands prevent you from seeing a lot of each other. Your children however must not expect a great deal of fuss or attention from you.

    Your relationship can be inspiring but you two are not immune to competitiveness and even open combat. Try to have more time for each other and get some distance on your career needs. Don't let ambition get out of control and be sure you know what you need. You Terriii depend on your friend's rock-solid convictions and he depends on you to help him recharge his batteries from time to time.

  • Thank you so much Captain for your insight.

  • the captain, I am a sun sign Leo Aug 20, with a libra moon and scorpio rising and am in a relationship with a Scorpio/ Nov 8 dont know his moon or( rising sign= I believe it's Leo). anyway, he is all I want in a practical man in business, but , due to his strict up bringing and inexperience with serious relationships only( 2) besides me, I find it difficult to see all the sensual benefits of the scorpio in him. I see It will take time with him. but tell me can our signs work in a lasting relationship, I already know it will take loads of patience on my part, and I care for him deeply and I know he does for me too in his way! Let me know his sun , moon an rising sign also in your answer, does the year matter also mine is 55, his is 52.

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