Readings from the spirit world

  • I would be so grateful if anyone out there could give me anything regarding my daughter who suicided in January 1999 and my mother who passed September 2008.Do you need any other information?I would be so happy if anyone can help me. Thank you!

  • Antionette, first of all, I would like to let you know that when we cross over, all our troubles are left behind here in the physical world. We are welcomed with love, forgiveness and peace, and are left feeling contented and happy in the Afterlife, which is a beautiful, peaceful place. We are surrounded by loved ones who have gone on ahead of us.

    For your mother, I "see" her smiling and happy, and she has such a gentle, sweet face. It makes me smile when I think of her, and I believe that's her happiness coming through. She is content and is doing well.

    Your daughter I'm having a little harder time reading because I'm getting feelings of freedom and happiness, but also a feeling that she's still dwelling on her actions for some reason. Did she have a child or a close connection with you or someone else during her life? Because I feel that there is some kind of connection between her and our physical world. But it's not like she's feeling guilty or grieving, it's more that there's a string that runs from there to here, and it has some significance to her. It's as though she's found peace, but at the same time has some kind of mild regret at the distance she's put between her and someone here. But please understand that she's not suffering, she also seems to be content and at peace.

  • Hi Darkness Angel, can you please see if you see my cousin Audrey? her birthday was 01/01/62 and she died on 02/11/03. Please, Please, when you have time, thanks!

  • Hi poetic555, I am so sorry for your loss of your cousin Audrey. The only thing that I am picking up from Audrey at this time are just very strong feelings of peace. I hope this helps. Bright Blessings!

  • I would like to know if my mother who passed away two years ago from breast cancer at the age of 47, Is trying to tell me something I feel something other than my conscience trying to guide me or tell me something but I'm not sure . Tjankyou very much -Krystina p.s my mothers name was Debra aka Debi Morris(McMurdy)

  • Hi Darkness Angel, Would you please see if any of my loved one have a messages for me?Thanking you In Advance

  • Thanks.


  • Wanting to hear from my friend Richie T. who passed away in 2004 on a ski slope and no one could help him because no body knew how to give C.P.R.

  • Thank you so much..I really appreciate your input and help. You are certainly an angel. Bless.

  • Hi Darkness Angel!!

    I have friends and relatives who have passed over.

    I'm an empath but I'm not audible and sometimes I get this horrible ringing in both ears like their trying to talk to me.

    Who is trying to talk to me and what message do they have cause I don't like my ears

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