Bad match? help please

  • Can someone please tell me if this match is doomed? I read the basic but I feel I need more detailed information. I have no idea how to deal with this man and i'm getting really affected by him. I hope he's not a cheater

    Birth summary for me :

    Planet Deg Sign Min

    Sun 29º Libra 27'

    Moon 7º Scorpio 39'

    Mercury 10º Scorpio 07'

    Venus 15º Scorpio 36'

    Mars 9º Libra 24'

    Jupiter 24º Aries 02'

    Saturn 17º Sagittarius 44'

    Uranus 23º Sagittarius 50'

    Neptune 5º Capricorn 35'

    Pluto 9º Scorpio 29'

    Ascendant 24º Sagittarius 17'

    Midheaven 23º Virgo 13'

    Birth summary for him :

    Planet Deg Sign Min

    Sun 5º Aquarius 24'

    Mercury 10º Capricorn 43'

    Venus 11º Pisces 15'

    Mars 10º Aquarius 17'

    Jupiter 13º Aries 51'

    Saturn 23º Aquarius 13'

    Uranus 9º Virgo 20'

    Neptune 17º Scorpio 41'

    Pluto 13º Virgo 49'

  • Are you a Scropio and the other person is Aqua. Do I have his right?

  • worthy1248. I think she is a libra , but might be wrong .

  • Ya, Llinieloo I think you are right. It says it clear as day. My bag, lol 🙂

  • librascorp --- just glanced at his .... where is his moon, asc & midheaven ????

  • my birthday is 10/23/87

    i'm the first day of Scorpio so I guess I have some Libra traits

    I'm not sure the exact time he was born so when I did the chart I did it without the time. This is all the information I have.

  • Hi librascorp! This is just my impressions .... he will be elusive, but drawn to you because of something he can't quite process in his mind. There probably is an intensity to you that he unconciously understands, like moth to a flame, but he will probably come close then flit away. At heart, you are too much for him to handle deep down, I think. I 'm not sure why you would ask about him cheating. Is this because of his sun sign? If so, all things must be accessed as a whole. No one is any one thing, ya know? Sometimes, astrologers ( & psychologists : ) also say look to your own houses for signs that you may project onto a patner : )

    Check out his and yours 7th, 10th & 12th houses. This may help.

    Nothing is doomed .... everything you desire is always provided. Just know what you truly want. Don't have anymore to offer with your dilemma. Best of Everything!

  • thank you 🙂

    I just keep reading that Aqua is very emotionally detached and afraid of commitment. I like commitment so I don't know if I should break it off before I get hurt or not. I'm really not sure what the Houses mean or the whole chart for that matter. I would like to figure myself out and figure him out too. I was hoping that the tiny pinch of libra in my recipe would make us a better match

  • yeah, that just it ... sun signs don't mean a heck of a lot by themselves .... : ) I too am an Aquarius and can be very detached and objective which makes me excellant at certain things, but someone who knows me will tell you how passionate and commited I am to my children, husband and life.

    Aquarians as just a sun sign approach things from the filter of their mind first. That includes love and relationships. Love is tricky for them ..... Probably not as much for you.

  • librascorp

    I saw your post yesterday on

    I'll leave you a reply on that thread tonight after my ritual

  • thank you sooo much 🙂 I would really appreciate that

  • you're welcome

    it's on page 123 btw

    hope it helps

  • thank you soooo much 🙂 I just read it and it gives me hope

  • good to know 🙂

    hopefully it helps you understand yourself and him

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