Married Cancer with a Lover.. why??

  • Hello,

    Ok i am a scorpio Female 24yr having an affair with a cancer male 36yr. Ok here it goes, i work in a hospital as a Nurse Practitioner and he is a Doctor. I have been working there for almost 4 years and him for 3 1/2. We work in the same department and see each other every day. At the beginning i noticed him but didnt think nothing much of him. The owner of the hospital is his best friend. As a matter of fact the owners cousin is my cancers wife. Well.. for the past 4 months we started a love affair.. when we first met 3 yrs ago, he would randomly come in my office and say hi or talk, i always felt very intimidated by this man, to top it off he also majored in psychology so his tactics were always sharp. Since i spend most of my day around him, i have learned to understand many of his actions.

    Also. i am the supervisor in my area and have great control in the time we spend together now.. He is married, that is very clear in my head. I know his wife, his children, heck! i know a lot of his close friends and family. About 2 years ago, the rest of the staff rumored about a relationship between him and i. Before it wasnt true. Now it is. We go out, eat lunch, text, communicate a lot. Except when he is at home, i know better than to contact him, unless its necessary. Usually well go out with him and his best friend.. Since we all work together we all hit it off really cool.. They enjoy my company. i have asked why he does it and says "its the rush", i know its more than that. The way he smiles, the way he takes care of me, mostly the way he cares. I have never asked how he feels about his wife, bu i know he loves his children to death. He was once involved in another fling until his wife found out and didnt allow him to see his children. He said he did it for the kids and went back to his wife.

    Now hes with me, tells me he never wants this to end and that i am his best girl.. He speaks about being old and meeting my children. and would look for me if i ever decide to leave and continue caring for me eventhough i was married.. He knows i am young and leaving soon but Geez! my cancer male sure can play games.... But i dont know???.... His wife once heard about our affair and confronted me, i completely denied it and so did he. Yet, i know he cares for me so much.. but how long can this last?? i have thought about quitting many times, just to get away from him and maintain his marriage ....

  • Run, drive, fly or ride away as fast as your can from this destructive relationships that sounds more like a fight for control and power than a love relationship.

    Read back your own words - "i always felt very intimidated by this man, to top it off he also majored in psychology so his tactics were always sharp. Since i spend most of my day around him, i have learned to understand many of his actions." It sounds like you feel flattered by this guy's attention and got into an affair seeking his approval and also to try and best him.

    Not love - not even close.

  • The captain is right , He will never leave his family . Family is everything to a Cancer , You said he had an affair once before and his wife found out , so he went back to her for the sake of his children . There's your answer. He is having his cake and eating it .

  • Dear ScorpFemme, please run away from this guy 😞 Usually when a married guy says "I don't want this to end ' means exactly what it is - he wants to stay married, lie to his wife, be with his kids and also spend time with you.

    He denied his relationship with you already, he had an affair before you - the guy is a cheater - and these are his actions. His words sound nice I believe - but what he actually did for you? He never crossed the line where he would need to go out his comfort zone and current life arrangement because of you. And are you sure his wife didn't let him see the kids? Or it's again only his words?

    I believe you are much more than this situation and really deserving better - you're young and free, leave the cheater and meet the man who really deserves you and appreciates you!

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