Thankful for my Dogs

  • My dogs saved my life....without the dogs I would have lost the ability to walk, thus given up on life itself and dived into self pity. These dogs were my inspiration to get up and walk on days where I could barely get out of bed with the pain I was feeling. I wanted the dogs to know I was responsible for their care, and most of all make sure they knew I would be there for them no matter what. They got me through some serious dark times. Both were rescue dogs, my one surviving dog was in the worst shape.

    Her abuse was so bad that it took her a week to even come near me to smell me...she was bred for multiple litters at an early age, emaciated, ciggarette burns, and lord only knows what else this poor dog went through. If you met this dog today, you wouldn't believe it is the same dog. She can be skittish, but will typically jump up on your lap if given the chance.

    These dogs did way more for me than I could ever do for them...My first dog, GIzmo truly saved me and I miss her like crazy...but I know she had a great life and will be together soon enough. For now I honor her memory by doing my best even today with bad days. I still get up on those mornings and walk my dog with tears from pain running down my face. I will not forget what she did for me, and I'm sure the ripple she left is still going on today.

  • Animals can be such great companions! For me, it has been horses- their unconditional love and accept has been the one thing that has kept me going when things have been almost too hard... They have given me a reason to get up in the morning and KEEP HANGING IN THERE, and each day with them is a gift I'm immensely grateful for! God bless them, and your loyal friends, and every other animal that has chosen to share their life, and their love, with us humans!!!!! And bless you, for doing your very best, each and every day, for the dogs you have with you.... and for honoring their contribution to your life!

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