Help in interpreting how he signed his val day card

  • ok. have been dating a guy for about 4 months. he is a gemini. for valentines day he gave me a funny card but signed it love you lots. very confused by this. is this his way saying he loves me or am i just reading to much into it???

  • It means "I love you lots until something else bright and shiny catches my attention" Could be the chance to go to China for a couple of weeks or a new set of gold clubs or a new job. Also depends if his twin is evil or good. (It also depends if he's "grounded" by an earth sign, or "up in the air" with an ascendant that makes him want to fly away."Just my experience. I never fully had my husband's attention even when I had it. He had a dual personailty. OUld never figure out which one he was going to bring home.

  • I would not read too much into that. He is a Gemini and it could mean a million different things. If he wanted to tell you he loved you he would say just that. Don't settle for anything less. I dated a Gemini guy for 3 years before my hubby and I got serious. Loved the guy to death but he was better as a friend than a boyfriend. Everyone talks about Cancers on here and the games they play. Pfffft! Geminis are way worse. I don't think they mean to play games but that's what it feels like. He got you a card so he does have feelings for you but hard to say how strong those feelings are.

    I read in your other post that your Gemini was " marking his territory" but leaving things of his with you. Of course you threw it out! LOL Kinda reminded me of my Gemini friend. He was very possessive. Even long after we broke up he would try to sabotage my other relationships. He didn't want to recommit to me, ( He was married himself by that time) but he didn't want anyone else to have me either. He was a total womanizer! He loved me, needed me, screwed everything that walked.! LOL I was his and he was any one's that showed him attention. He was a smart , interesting guy. Unfortunately he was also everything I wouldn't want in a man. Did he love me? Yes, I believe he did. Was he like knowing two different people? Yes he was. I dumped him years ago and gained a good friend but lost all the emotional stress he was causing me.

    Geminis are easy to love. This guy seems to be confusing you. My advice would be to keep his friendship but let go of looking for anything else with him but of course I don't know all the details of your life so take that for what it is worth. Don't assume any man loves you until he not only tells you but shows you. That goes for any sign. They will only put you through what you put up with. I have several male Gemini fiends and they all have the fact that they keep their options open in common. Even after they are married.

    Peace, Love and Prozac, I hope things work out for you.

  • Yes - Prozac. My Geminii husband drove me to insanity and had the nerve to call me crazy after he made me that way. (I am Pisces too) We are almost divorced and he has already started to interfere with any friends I might make. I offered a friend a place to stay if he had to sell his house and live somewhere for a while and he even said "thank you, but I don't want to deal with the politics of your (ex)husband because even if all we ever were really and truly was just good friends, my husband would read something else into it and make life miserable. People knowing how my husband is - controlling - wanting whatever feeds his ego but never really giving back. Some people can handle Geminii behaviour. I just can't. He would say one thing that would syntactically mean one thing then turn around and say that he never said that or never promised to do that or whatever. He would lie about where he was going and what he was doing, but to him it was not a lie. It's never a lie if you leave out bits of the story.

    Anyway Piscesparadox has hit it on the nose. They make great friends if they ever decide to let go. I don't think thay are very grown up either. Of course - Pisceans are very old souls anyway.

    Whatever Geminii says - only believe what they actually DO and what you see them DO.

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