Cetic Cross Reading, Blows My Mind....

  • Hi, this is my first post here though i've been reading these forums for a little while now. My first tarot reading was a couple years ago when I needed one for my life path and it guided me in the right direction. I just did my second one for a "love" situation and it blows my mind how accurate/real it is.

    If anyone can give me their personal opinion on my situation by looking at my cards and not actually knowing any specifics except that it's a "love" situation, I would be greatly appreciative.

    1. Position 1/ Significator = The Hermit

    2. Position 2/ What crosses me = Three of Swords

    3. Position 3/ Below Significator/ Root issues = Ace of Cups

    4. Position 4/ Left of Significator/ Past Events = 8 of Cups

    5. Position 5/ Above Significator/ Conscious Mind = 10 of Pentacles

    6. Position 6/ Right of Significator/ Near Future = 3 of Wands

    7. Position 7/ Bottom of Staff/ How I view myself= 5 of Cups

    8. Position 8/ 2nd in Staff/ External Forces = The Sun

    9. Position 9/ 3rd in Staff/ Hidden Fears, Hopes = 5 of Pentacles

    10. Position 10/ 4th in Staff/ Outcome = Knight of Cups

    Thanks a lot for looking, if you need any specifics to help read the cards let me know.


  • You are on your way, guided by your inner light.

    What crosses you is that the problems you sensed before, are materializing.

    The Root Issue is the love, that came to you, your falling in love.

    In the past you took leave from your emotional entanglements and attachments, going on your way.

    5. Position means not Conscious Mind, but the optimum, the best possible outcome, which would happen, when your energy could flow freely without impediments (crossing card etc.).

    So the best outcome could be, that you will become aware of your fear of being alone, your fear of authority, your fear of the father.

    Your near future means waiting.

    You see yourself still grieving over spilled milk of failed contacts and relationships, not being able to let go and do a turn around to your new love. Although you have in reality made already your way off from these attachments, your ego still clings to all these old wounds and sorrows.

    The external forces are very positive for you. They are helping you to drop this moody and melancholic ego with liveliness, spontaneity and playfulness.

    These are your fears, that this new love will also go down the drain, as prior relationships did. That you are blind for each other and do not hear to each other, being strangers to each other. You think that everything is missing playing a tough game with tricks and double bottoms.

    But the outcome will be, that you take courage, going to your new love and making your offer, still cautiously of course, but still: Take a little bit of my heart.

    But if I see your card for the optimal outcome, I think, if you would see your hidden fears more clearly, you would have to project them on others no more. This would help you to have better relationships.

  • hello! well the 3 swords and the 8 cups along with hermit says dissapointment in love for sure i could teel off the top in was a relation. Dont forget that pentacles also in a love spread refer to loss of comfort regarding wemotional not jst financial.

    hermit is the situation. Now each card reversed or no? if reversed the card is a negetive resistance , meaning ur riesisting the card energy or its energy is weakend. Now in this spread hermit is calling upon self introspection due to the graced card the 3 swrds meaning seperation or loss . this card is what will cross you. the crowned card:ace hearts is relevant to love of all kinds1 Self love is direction of the situation. the foundation is based on confusion within in the relation and self therefore the ideals of the Hermit paired with ace hearts reminds you to self love journey and introspect. A self love vigil quest.! The eight of cuos is a inner voice at times telling us of a dissapointment we not yet want to face, but this is all of hope cARD. THE HERMIT AND ACE HEARTS TELLS YOU OF a new quest of love of self . the 8 hearts is foundating the reasonings of that advice and telling you there is more out there. but where? the hermit and love of you only know through a journey within your heart of truth and self passions. recent or soon influence : ten pentacles is a recognition of potential in self in all areas of abundance. Contentness. Future:3 wands! New Divine order , u are begging to see your own inner light through the hermit and ace hearts reinforces it! Balance priorities, shelve all thoughts that do not serve your divine Self.New (ace) direction future is taking form! Five cuos: how u feel about situation. This is a emotions based question , which also can represent the way you are feeling about it as well, DISSAPOINTMENT WITHIN A RELATION:rewmemmber fives are relevant to "conflicts".This is a longing for answers regarding a heartmate , but trust your inner voice1 look to the 6 swords for guidance also 7 cups.

    Sun: also the 3 wands tells me that you have assistance. I see others in support to you strongly. if there is a move you will be secured.

    5pentacles: a lack of a depreciation of emotionals comfort or contentness a reduction off.

    Outcome : ths could mean alot, take on his character a man .. i am feeling strong that this is relevant to whom the question is based telling you to weary or maybe its you?

  • continued , sorry? the knight, as a person can be easily led, very flamboyant, flirtatiousthis is a movement card all knights are. he leads way from one place to another often giving way to easy quick and short term opportunity . most cases an intangable offer. a proposal or offer comming.

  • Wow thanks a lot. Defiantly makes more sense. I can feel my hidden fears and past wounds projected onto other people/relationships even if I try to hide them. I'm not sure how i'll conquer them but being aware that they're their and that they hinder me from creating anything new is defiantly the first step.

    Thanks again for your time. This is so much better than going to see a shrink.


  • i am glad to hear you have clarity, yes i agree about the shrink, some do not truly care.

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