Could someone PLEASE help me to understand? I beg you :)

  • Could anyone help me to understand how our sun sign, rising and moon sign influence our personality and how others percieve us. Just when I think I have it figured out I realize I don't. Any thoughts on this...

  • Your Sun is who you are at the very core

    Your Moon sign is the true driving force behind your emotions


    Your rising is sort of like who you appear to be

  • i am my own inner light , we all have it! we have to seek it tho, not in a book or a reading. We seek within in our instincts for where and what gifts and attributes glow within us. a thought provokes an emotion, the emotions provoke are actions , thus the perception of others viewings on us. Stop Feel assess HEAL>then move fowward with action. It also depends on an other being on how they are syncro meshed vrs Mind Body Soul with regards to the perceptions of humanism world ect.... they hold. We are the creaters of destiny. Planetary and numerically info can cause FATE. We can create DESTINY. Choices.

  • mimi

    angelicmystic pretty much says it all, as far as rising/sun/moon

    there are more influences than just the 3 planets on someone's personality

    you have to see the whole birth chart to really figure out someone

    even that doesn't say it all, because upbringing and life experiences can shape personality too

    pretty much, it's fun to learn astrology and easy too

    just google it and you will find a lot of reading materials you can always learn from

    plenty on already

    perception wise, it also depends on the other person

    even if your rising is scorpio, like mine, doesn't necessarily mean everyone sees my Scorpion face, to some I actually seem more like Gemini, which is my moon

    they may not know much about astrology, or they see someone that looks/ acts like me and she has a Gemini rising

    so it could be many things

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  • mimi

    OK let me know your dob, birth time and location

    I will pull out something that explains you to the closest accuracy I can get

    I'm going away tomorrow for work, so maybe tomorrow night or Tuesday morning

  • I can kind of help. I have Sun in Pisces. I am a dreamer. I live for what I can imagibw. My emotions have a range like Paul McCartney's voice. I an an artist and a photographer. I blieve in things a lot of other people don't. By my ascendant is in Capricorn/Aquarius. People see me as knowledgable intellectual who will get the answer even if I have to climb several mountains..They see me as trustworthy to get the job done. They see me as being stubborn about my ideas and a little inflexible. Money and success are somewhat more important to me than they are to a Pisces without these influeces. People don't see me as vain, but in truth I am. I love the beautiful and I love to be beautiful. My moon is in Capricorn also. I am stubborn. I can be a tight-wad sometimes. If I have myself under control - I can put a lid on my emotions and appear fairly stoic (which has not been the case lately).I am independent, Anyway, I am supposedly a little less slippery and a little less sparkly and a bit more predicatable than most other fish.Hope this helps.

    I am guessing that - if you have a scorpio sun and a cancer rising, you are a little more wishy washy and emotional than if you were a scorpio with an earth sign rising. Since you have Aries in your moon - I am wondering if you are emotionally flambouyant? I will be interested in seeing what leoscorp has to say!

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  • mimi

    I need specific birth location, means city and state but in general, this is your sun sign compatibility:

    This relationship is most likely based on friendships and affection, it is easy no strings intimacy. Your time together is filled with joy, laughter and exchange of ideas. You may also share similiar interests and views on life. He views this relationship as a free flowing one, no strings of attachment. He demands little of you, therefore may retaliate if you demand more attention or more of his time than he is willing to share.

    He will allow you to be yourself, therefore you need to also allow him to be himself and pretty much go out there does his own thing even if it means he will not be available for you as much as you want to. Commitment, will suffocate him. Unless it is the kind of commitment, where things will stay the way they are before you commit to each other.

    Even if this relationship doesn't last, you will always admite him and treasure the memories.

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  • mimi

    will do more tomorrow.

    take care.

  • OK Mimi

    I decided to do it anyway before I sleep


    Sun in Scorpio

    You are courageous, strong mentally and physically due to regenerative / rebirth power belongs to your sign. In love, you are sensual and passionate. Mysteries intrigue you, this includes the taboo, death, se x, secrets and the hidden. You can turn vindictive and go to the extreme when you feel necessary.

    Moon in Aries

    Increasing ambition, aggression and courage.

    Mercury in Scorpio

    Irony and sarcasm are quite common to you.

    Venus in Sagittarius

    You are affectionate, generous to those in need.

    Mars in Capricorn

    It’s hard for you to express your feelings and adapt to new situation or place.

    Jupiter in Taurus

    You desire high status and wealth

    Saturn in Libra

    Serious, has fair judgement

    Uranus in Cancer

    Mood up and down and don’t like setbacks.

    Neptune in Libra

    Like the arts, refined emotional feelings. romantic

    Pluto in Leo

    Good vitality

    Ascendant in Cancer

    Nurturing and likes family life. Increasing intuitiveness and somewhat sensitive, easily irritable.


    Sun in Virgo

    Direct but subtle. Can be overly critical and fussy. Intelligent but can get lost in tiny details.

    Moon in Virgo

    Willing to provide service to those in need.

    Mercury in Libra

    Express himself well and clear. prefer peaceful exchange of words than confrontation.

    Venus in Scorpio

    Sensual and passionate. Can be jealous and possessive.

    Mars in Leo

    Forceful, as if his will is everyone else’s command. He likes taking new projects and complete them with perseverance and determination.

    Jupiter in Capricorn

    Organization ability. Go getter.

    Saturn in Virgo

    Methodical and stubborn, enjoys perfection.

    Uranus in Cancer, Neptune in Libra, Pluto in Leo, same as yours.

    Ascendant in Aquarius

    Enjoys social life and being among friends. Likes discussing ideas and exchanging them. May join organization that support freedom be it freedom of tyranny or poverty.

    Some things may be accurate, some may not. It depends on the degree of planetary influence. Also, the personality you are today, is influenced by many things including life experiences and upbringing. For example I am Leo with Mars in Taurus, I am already stubborn and temperamental, having Mars in Taurus increases these traits. I used to stand my ground at any cost, it was almost impossible for me to change (leo and taurus are both fixed signs, you can imagine the effect). But years of hardship, I can (happily) say, I am not as stubborn anymore and I don't butt horns (or claws) as much. I stand my ground, but if they can show me I am wrong (it still takes a lot of proofs) I will back off and swallow my pride.

    If you need more info, ask Highpriestess and ScarsandStars on Men of Zodiac thread.

    They are more of astrologer than I am. I'm just reading it a lot when I was young 🙂

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  • i am sorry the advice couldnt help you. i have found myself through my own senses and realized that my emotions effect my actions and those emotions are caused by thoughts created by me and my experiences and learning through trial and error. i do feel that sighns Ex. virgo.have " some" fortell into our persona.i found that looking for answers in books about me is contradicting me because i am me and no other is , so i only know . That is just me tho.

  • mimi

    you're welcome

    you can learn more about astrology online, plenty available to read


    water signs are the ones that have intuition build-in

    certain planetary positions in these signs, such as Moon position or Sun position

    could contribute to it, even if the person's sun sign is not cancer, pisces, scorpio

    reading a lot of books help, but what helps more is reading the right books

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  • I see 🙂 welcome abroad and have fun posting and learning

    I learned a lot from hipriestess and ScarsStars on the thread I mentioned above

    when I was young I loved reading a lot of things, but couldn't go further because parents were religious they didn't like my fascination to occults

    but I've got married and moved away from them so for 9 yrs now my fascination returns

    I am enjoying reading and learning again 🙂

    but of course it's nothing compared to your retirement, must be very relaxing after years of hard work 🙂 bye now take care

  • i heard your " sighn" could meet more than obvious by the planetary positions as well as the moon and sun.

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