Quantum Physics and the Hopi

  • 'Fractual Time" by Gregg Baden suggests that we can change our collective destiny when we think of alternative possibilities. The Hopi gave us this wisdom thousands of years ago. They believed that the highest function of the mind was to understand how the one Great Spirit operated within Man and were taught from a young age that their thoughts were to be carefully chosen and they must harmonize with nature. Quantum physicists now realize "how the focus of our awareness creates reality". Do you see a change of consciousness toward harmony and compassion toward all mankind? Is it possible to visualize the changes that need to be manifested in this world and therefore change our collective destiny?

  • Our whole world is created by our thoughts. I believe our collective consciousness is slowly changing to a more positive outlook.

  • Thank you, Captain. Yes, I believe so. I also believe the seeds were planted decades ago. I read today that people thinking about love due to the holiday has created harmony...

  • The recent disaster in Haiti also enabled many people around the world to open their hearts to others.

  • Yes, tragically amazing how calamity has that affect. Remember 9-11 and it's after-affects. That was a taste of how we should behave, I think....

  • It's a pity it takes a disaster to bring our global compassion.

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