Marriage problems

  • I desperately need some guidance and I am not sure if this decision I am making

    stems from being all in my mind versus was I right all along??? I have a little girl to think of

    and I need to know if I am choosing the right path... Please help

  • Can you explain what you are asking about?

  • Why do you think you need to leave?

  • What is the problem? You ahve not went into details. The Captain is willing to help you, he's very good.

  • there is not much detail, but yes U are right at the moment your heart sets the instinctive answer and i have to say as a girl now 24 who was abandon by her mother at birth, you are blessed for focusing on youtr little girl. now i am going to meditate..........

    i meditated and pulled a three fold" Past Presenr future. You are the true holder of your destiny.

    past: Fives are conflict cards: 5 WANDS:confusion, resisting of a energy( i think you may have resisted your intuition here) conflicts.

    Present: Yes! you said"i think i was right all along!" Faith card: Practice your beliefs and stand up for what u believe in: Divine order.

    Future:wheel of fortune: movement, stay positive and keep your energy frequency high!

    Best to you and your beautifull child! Peace love prosper

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