I am a Virgo lady in search of my better half. Is it a Scorpio.

  • I was curious to ask anyone if they might have a clue on my readings on Virgos being so difficult to release any go-get it ness towards men to the point of fear and distrust outrageous. I am so weak and afraid to even approach a man I feel tired just thinking about them. My marriage has left me wiped out from my Saggitarian husband I feel like I could just catch ablaze with how much I loved him and still do, yet all the misery he tied my heart and soul down with I just can't go through another blow of men. Boy, what an amazing wonder to love and live with for a while(two years at the most). He just wanted too many other people, whorish teenagers, slimey assed women with no life or even career status, women of other races who lived in low/shameless standards.(I spend every day worried of being good enough, when he is always below all the standards I live by) I just can't believe he is the worst at beauty and grace of the ages. I never really liked him for these reasons, but married him because he paid me in kind with most anything I could want for. I don't have the guts to approach men at my age and really don't feel up to trying hard to attract one or keep one.(Need major overhaul) Do you think with my lack of wildly pursuing a gent like my opposite, the ready and willing and soulful Scorpio, I can learn to relax and just be myself instead of trying to fit my dream man into my own plans? Where can I look to at least ask a man to help me to try to be date-friendly and get out of my own terror of FAKE soulless sex and all the tension of meeting and being lost and even rejected and simply moving onward. Also, I have never gotten along with Sagittarians in spite of their eagerness to hump with anything moving. this just aint me. Sociable and aggressive, Gosh, I am a Virgo. Can you please help me to try to be okay with trusting in people enough to feel comfortable and okay to be alright with common dating interests. I am not just looking for a man, but someone who I can get along with and can be straight with.

  • Your best bet is going with a Cancer or a Taurus....Virgos N Taurus the best 🙂

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