New who was I in a past life - I need help

  • Hi. I am trying to get a pic of my daughter on here so you can tell me a little about her. she has inherited alot of my "spiritual" gifts. she has heard ALOT of things and has seen some stuff, I am trying not to let her be scared. I was wondering, in my case, I am absolutely terrified of the wind although I have never (knock on wood) a tornado. I was just wondering if I have ever witnessed one in a past life that would explain it.

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  • Sylvannah, I feel you had a life where you had the ability to hear messages literally brought to your on the wind. But you started to hear so much bad news that you came to fear the wind for what it might bring to you.

  • that's possible. But I am completely terrified of it! The wind picks up at all and I am on constant watch and ready to stick my daughter under a sink lol

  • If you can, practise standing out in it for as long as you can. Your fear will recede when nothing happens.

  • captain you seem to know soem things very well. I have heard others talk about the iNDIGO Children. I am not sure abou this stuff but something about this resognates in my spirit. I have known things before they have happened. I have consulted with different relgions to explain this but I am not sure how to cultivate this ability or is it an ability??

    .I have had dreams regarding death and I have also spoken to people before their death occurrred days later. It is very frightening at first but everytime it happens I feel like I shouldrun teh other way and shut it out but still it continues. How can I embrace this?. There are other things that I know about people without ever talking to them. it is very weird. i can not explain this. Any advise?

  • Laytee, it's just your psychic ability kicking in. Everyone has it but not everyone uses it. Why don't your exercise your ability on this forum where people will support and help you?

  • sounds good (the theory not the app. lol) Anyway, I want to communicate with the 2 spirits I have here. I have a native american male who is protecting a burial site that is apparently here somewhere. I invited him to a bonfire ( when it stops raining just enough every 5 days. My burnpit is full and I can fill it again) Anyway, Itold him that he can do everything that he would normally do cause me and my daughter already know he is here so we won't be afraid. I'd like to hang out w/ him and who knows how long he has been here. I just think it would be cool to be w/ him. I also have a woman inside. She is crafty. I tried moccassins but that wasn't it so monday, I will get some needlework. That way she is not board lol Even spirits need something to do. They are both pos. I don't mind any spirits around if they are positive. Me and my 2 children are all sensitive. We just have different experiences.

  • Sylvannah, your Native American is still bound by the rigid tribal beliefs he had when he was alive and does not see it fit to communicate or share with women about himself. He hears you but will not respond to your requests as he sees you as 'inferior'.

  • well that makes me a little mad! I'm sure in some ways he's better but, in some ways I am better.he's dead and I'm not so I can do things he can't as can he do things I can't. Kinda equal if you ask me. I can help him if he would get off his high horse (no pun intended lol) Anyways, that makes me a little sad. He sounds older, is he? Have they both been here long? He shouldn't ignore her. I have been told that she is his soul mate. Kinda ironic, 2 lost souls, passing in the moonlight. Can I do anything that would change his mind?

  • Hi Captain, I was wondering if you could tell me anything about my past life?

  • Spiritualchild, I am not a past lives expert - there are others here who are, though.

  • Sylvannah, the man won't listen to any female for advice, even his soulmate. It's now up to his guides to help him.

  • Well, crap! How long has he been here? Has anyone else known he was here and tried to talk to him? Would he listen if I got a man to talk to him? I figure, he's already been here for hundreds of years but I don't know how the time works with them. That is still a long time to be stubborn, and besides, you're dead lol! Being stubborn reallt didn't help too much. Can you tell what trhe's from? Whatever tribe (if they still exist) they are different. Maybe if they are and I can find one locally (like a Seminole) I can get one of them to talk to him. He will definately listen to his own and besides, might kinda help the guy I would contact too.

  • Let me try this again. (my computer is ticking me off) Anywho, I am receiving money on monday and I was thinking of getting a needlework kit. Would this woman like that? I have only been told that she is crafty, but I don't know what she likes. I feel a little more pos. and of course, I have been getting a little more activty. I see movement and shadows now but still only hear knocks and thumps. I've asked that they approach me and all they have to do is tell me who they are and what they want. (but I guess I can't hear them yet) I don't know. I have never heard voices. Maybe I never could so I told them, if they were able to, to write me a message and we can communicate that way.You know, I get this email from this one psychic that tells me that her advisor saw this talisman thing and he replicated it for us people and I will need it to communicate with my angel. I really don't believe that. A plastic poker chip would do the same for me. That was also made by man and doesn't contain the same "connections" as the original (if there was one) It's very beautiful but doesn't look like something hidden away for years. Could just be based off of it, besides, I think that they can all just hear you. If you really need the Arch-angels help, just ask and I guess, if you are deserving of assis. he will come to you. I don't need a symbol. Wouldn't that be the same as when they honored a false (man made) God?Anyway, if you can tell me more about her as well, I can work onn whatever she needs. I have to help her? I don't understand. With what? ( I'll probably get farther with her lol) I would just like to know her name and what I can do for her? And, what she likes. I see no reason we can't all co-exist here peacefully w/ eachother. I already know she is there so why not do stuff for eachother? I was falling into darkness and despair, getting sucked farther everyday in some hole and I somehow, crawled out. I have decided to go back to school and get my degree in psychology. I have so much I share and if I do that, I can share it with alot more listeners. I know I am here for a reason, I wasn't quite sure what but I definately feel a weight lifted and more pos. since I made this decision. I can do it physically and most importantly, mentally/spiritually. I have been through alot and have an abundance of things I can share and I'll get paid for it lolI get on this comp. and I talk to a whgole lot of people (every once in a while- all night) and the conversations get deep and meaningful and they (teall me anyways) that I have helped them. And most people just open up to me. With the angel, I should have unconditional love (and I don't and probably never will) but I would like them to help me trust again. W/out trust you can never fully love anyways. I think that will help alot. and anger. It's not bad but still there when it need not be. I asked God and Jesus if they can just help give me the energy and patience I'll need to go to school and I'll feel better knowing that they're there ( for moral support)

  • Sorry, 1 more thing, if you happen to come across Darkness Angel, she gave me an email adress that didn't work so to read my post and mine is there. We can try it that way.

  • Sylvannah, you don't need to buy material things to appease spirits. The only thing you should be doing for them is helping them move on into the light. Let that be the only message you project at them. Do not seek to keep them there or try and be friends. The Native American man will only communicate with other tribal elders anyway. He is deaf to most of your thoughts. But you should project at him to move into the light. He sees the light but will not budge towards it.

  • And I only know of Darkness Angel though this forum. I don't know her email address.

  • well I was told that I have to help her and I am not quite sure how. He will never go into the light as long as there is a burial site. If you know how, please tell me. I'd love nothing more than to help going into the light. I just don't know what she needs. If you can't pick up a certain tribe (that way to get a "current" indian, I will just have to kinda forget he exists. I know I can help the woman, just don't know how Also, is there a certain thread where I can find her? What is her specialty?

  • Every passed soul leaves behind a burial site. The thing is to convince them that going into the light is more important than an attachment to the earth plane. The man is beyond your help - his guides are working to free him but he is very stubborn. The woman remains as long as her mate does. So you can only help her to see that she can move on without him. Encourage her to be more independent of him now, even though she depended on him for everything in life. Talk to her about not needing a man or anyone in order to be free.

  • Ok. But I would at least like to know what to call her. And, I would still like to know what tribe he is from? She will learn from me about not needing a man. I can do that. I will definately try to get her to move on. Also, do you happen to see where exactly this burial site is? I don't want to disturb it by accident. Thanks

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