Wisdom? do all truth seekers have hardship with socialism?

  • I find my life in deep solitude, i am one to trith speak in justice: what is fair, but i find myself lone.

  • I'd rather live my life in solitude, than bustling social events full of people I don't trust and therefore don't consider friends. In my youth I hardly had friends, when I did, they would turn out talking behind my back LOL so pretty much I was trained to be on my own. It took some time to learn it, but once I managed to, I enjoyed it.

    I had a best friend for a few years in college, but she had to move and we never spoke again after some time. I found probably 3 -4 people in all the chat forums I've been in, to keep in touch with, those are the only people I consider friends including my own husband.

    When I was a child, I wanted to have a lot of friends. Now, numbers is not a bg deal. If you are right, you are right, it doesn't matter how many people support you. You said you speak justice, well then keep speaking it. If it's the true and fair, then speak it. I had a lot of fun on my own, because I had a lot of interests and always into something. If you feel alone, develop a hobby or new interest. You may find friends that share the same interest.

  • yes! someone else like me! ok ! i am into healing arts and cars , i took an apprenticship in a auto buz, go to college,and work in a healing group , i do also only have two friends, never one had a boyfriend tho? thank you for your post.

  • Turboxs, I live a very solitary life , don't fit in groups social or work

    as I value being true to myself more than value being fake to fit I. And be a part of...

  • turboxs

    you will find him some day. if you live in the truth, you will not regret it.


    exactly. you rock!

  • Dear Leoscorpion,Ha ha at violin for me. : )

    I am so Alone, family, work,socially

    lol!!!! So ... Shall cont forward with learning and lessons

  • goldenhill

    you'll make it. it's hard to start anything, but won't be hard once beginner phase is over.

  • : )

  • thank you for your input. i agree no conformity

  • thank you for your support i aqm from rochester ny and its very hard to engage with one of realness here

  • Best wishes tuboxs...

  • it takes time

    I've been on many forums since 1999

    and so far I have only found under 10 people that I connect with by emails LOL

    that's a long time !

    a few of these forums I think they don't exist anymore

  • thank you both!

  • I am glad I am not as strange as people think I am, I am actually quite happy being on my own, and always have been,only ever having 4 or 5 people close to me including my hubby, I can be sociable when required to, and people do like my company, in fact are attracted to me, but I am not bothered if I am alone. When I was at school the teachers thought that was something to need curing, and I was put into therapy, but I don't function very well in a noisy crowded environment, my mind doesnt work properly and I just can't think, I have noticed as I have been working on my spiritual development that I am developing a sense of empathy and am starting to pick up what is on peoples minds and that is maybe what was bothering me as a child I'll never really know at least at the moment.

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Leoscorpion, who's the gorgeous kitten ?

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • I've always been a loner myself, never good at making long lasting friends. Been that way all my life. Just may be the way I am.

  • chrissi cat

    yes it's my cat

  • Leoscorpion he or she is gorgeous, I wish I could see a bigger picture please, funny thing I always found animals better company than some humans because they seem to understand quiet time to think, would that be something to look into ?

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • I love animals myself. not so much of people-person.

    I think the picture is big enough 🙂

  • Well, I don't have a hubby. I am in a relationship with a Libra man right now. It's very interesting. There are things about it that I do not like. I have been on my own I feel for most of my life. I think it's the way God created me and probably His intentions for me. I think I realized early on that I can do it myself. I would like to connect with people on a larger scale. Meaning that I am only happy (really) when I am able to help. That is where I find my happiness. People who constantly oppose are usually negative energy and sometimes you just can't fix dumb. That's how I learn to deal with some situations.

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