Dream help needed

  • I had a dream last night that kept me up, I would wake up to shake it off and go right back to it and I cannot help it, but I keep thinking about it all day. Can anyone out there help me and tell me what it means? It was about a beautiful blond long python that kept chasing me around the room. It was not trying to hurt me at all, but it did know that I was really afraid of it and at one time in the dream it split off into three smaller blond snakes, like magic, and a couple of seconds after doing that if went back to being it's origional shape. It never did hurt me or try to hurt me, it was like a funny game for the snake, but for me it seemed real and I did not like it. I have heard that a snake dream does not necessarily mean bad, but usually change and boy my life has been lot of changes this last year. I was just hoping someone might be able to tell me what it does mean for me, since I do not know anything about dreams except what I hear from others or what I can read about. If no one can tell me anything about this, is there a website that you can go to and type in what your dream is and find the meaning? Thank You

  • are you going round in cicles running away from something that you fear is too big to handle, the snake dividing into 3 smaller snakes, perhaps is suggesting that maybe break things down to smaller compatments so you can deal with the big issue easier rather than all at once, as you said you are going thru lots of changes this year, so first things first, or the three snakes could mean, three options out of one big option, that you are not dealing with, because its too big, meaning as i said before, break it down into smaller parts, not all at once, hope this helps, and makes sense to you, dott blessing and much peace to you . just type in dreams and what they mean, and go from their,

  • Google the site DreamMoods. Lots of info on lots of dreams there.

  • Thank you!!!!

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