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    I was wondering if one should consider and add the numerological values of [dot] and [@] for calculating the numerological value of a website name or email user id in Chaldean system?

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  • I'm not saying I know the answer to this, but if you do one of the address readings (for physical address) it says that the street name isn't as important as it is shared with others. I would think that anything about a website that is shared, as in @ or dot or com would also fit this same idea, logically and that, therefore, just the name of the website or email address itself would tell you what you need to know.

  • Guys, short links are more memorable. Long URLs violate the principle of ""human-friendliness"" of links, it is almost unrealistic to perceive them normally. This is a set of random signs that are impossible to put in your head and remember.
    It will be more difficult for a person to return to a site or a specific page because he cannot remember even part of the address. In addition, shortened links have a positive effect on the perception of the brand. So, I like to use that service to shorten my links if I need that.

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