Anyone willing to give clairvoiyant advice? I am Spiritual person will give back

  • My name is Erika and I am facing a MAJOR turning point in my life...It could mean life and death, as I had an abusive upbringing and turned to dangerous drugs to kill my pain. I have grown a lot, but I cannot seem to really, truly, and finally let go of this spiritually damaging illness. Part of the issue is that due to my drug use, I ended up living with an abusive man who I have nothing in common with.He has grown a lot too (4 years together) and I hope he is happy and well in the future, but being in his presence is suffocating me and clipping my wings. I have so much love in my heart, I am an empath, and I love people. I made a few mistakes with drugs in the past few months, once again to escape my house and feelings, and Im so scared that I have ruined my chance at the wonderful life I was predicted to have by a psychic 6 months ago. I want to go see her again desperately, but I am in between jobs and I do not have the money. Please contact me if you would like to try to help me. I want to grow up and out of this, and eventually help others. I would love to have a nurturing home and family life, and to be married to a great guy who shares my passions about the world, gaining knowledge here, helping people, being happy and social and spreading love! My spirit is just dying to be free, and somehow, I keep messing up! If you can somehow contact me, and guide me, I would be forever grateful and willing to pass it on someday, or to pay you when I can...I am a Scorpio, Nov 19 1973, born 10:02am in New Hampshire, I have red hair and blue eyes-I have lived in chaos since I was born, and have sought a higher power since I was a child to help me out of the negativity. I have been drawn to spiritual/mystical knowledge my whole life and I am a giver. I live in LA. I hope that info helps a little. I know that this is my time, and I dont have many friends or support. I do not have a car and I am in between jobs. Please know that I will return services rendered in any way that I can. Thank you in advance, I know that you are out there...Erika

  • Waterbrightrainbowlight, what a beautiful name, I am sure that your name is "The Truth About You" and your True Essence, I am presently not doing readings, I too am Scorpio and can relate to your pain, my clearest Highest insight fir you is to get to a meeting NA or AA and maybe alonon

    You know whAt you need to do, Do It!!!

    From there you will get the spiritual etc

    Best Wishes..

  • darlin you have not ruined your future at all, lifes the journey, you stuffed up, so you get back on the horse and learn to ride it again, seek some asistance for your drug issues drug councelling, set some goals to acheive for you, dont expect so much of yourself and do not beat yourself up over it, you know we are our own worst enermies at times, you learn to be a freind to yourself, get onto a programme and you most probably will have to keep away from freinds of that nature for your sake and saftey, we keep making the same mistakes until we finally learn, learn this time and learn good, reach out to the right places as golden hill has mentioned and get in with straight people, use your beleif in spirituality to get you thru this, you dont have to pay on this site for assistance unless you have readings on line etc, as for giving back thats nice, but you need to get yourself well and healthy right now, i feel you will kick this as you are reaching out, and you keep on reaching out, when a person breaks there leg they need crutches to assist them to walk again and other help also, at the moment you need a crutch some one to assist you until you dont require them anymore, and you can do it alone, go and get the help you require, stay true to yourself and dont try do it all at once, one step at a time one day at a time, and their is nothing that you and god cant acheive for one day, so its one day at a time, get coucelling so you can vent whats in your head out, too much going on in their, okay hope this helps love peace and many blessing to come for you dott and come back to this site to chat, i will be here if you need to talk, and so will others

  • Waterbrightrainbowlight, I think you need to feel useful and not just the waste of space you are currently feeling you are, which is why you use drugs to escape harsh reality. But realise this - just by telling your story, you inspire others to seek help or find comfort in the fact they are not alone. Use your experiences to inspire and teach others either through speaking, or writing, or in some artistic or expressive way. You are capable of bringing magic into other's lives. The best way to forget your troubles is by helping others. Volunteer at a charity if you can. Share what you have experienced. Just get out of your own head and get busy. Feeling useful is the best high in the world. Your empathy and psychic ability can be used to help others through their problems. Learn to shield yourself from other people's negativity, however.

    You suffer from bad depression - if you can get your hands on some herbal St. John's Wort, it can really help with that. So much better than taking drugs. Your astrological profile tells me that you possess a phoenix-like ability to rise from even the worst trials and tribulations. Believe that you are master of your own fate.

  • I have tears in my eyes, I never thought that I would really get a response (thus the late check-back!)...Just to know that there ARE people who care still and come from a place of pure love.I thank each and every one of you: Goldenhill, The Captain, and Dotthorey for your feedback. I LOVE people and have been more isolated than ever before, so, seeing and reading your genuine responses gave me a burst of energy and HOPE! I literally felt it LIFT me up! Also, each of you DID hit upon issues psychically that were accurate. GH--I know what I need to do, and have not been doing it! THanks for the confirmation that I DO know what to do so I must DO it! CAP--THANK YOU. You are right on the money and you are psychic for sure. I am in fact surrounded by a negative force that I dont know quite how to get away from, but maybe I can use this as a way to practice owning my own mind and energy even when surrounded by dark or less-evolved energy. Instead of feeding into it, I can see it for what it is...a child in spirit who is also very sick and needs help...THis helps a lot. I am able to bring magic into peoples lives through art and spirit. But the paradox you mention is correct...I suffer from severe depression and feel useless at this time. So Ive got to get up and going and believe in myself! Also, to be less self-absorbed and respond to others in need (as I do). But the drug thing has just got to stop. It's the main solution that is the main problem. Dotthorey--Sigh of relief...I beat myself mercilessly. I CANNOT do this alone and GOALS are KEY for me right now or I just survive each day watching the sun come up and down. I am going to set 3 strong ones. TY!!

    I NEVER knew I would go through such a terribly hard time in my life, and I did a 12 Card Mandala reading that was very advanced for me but said that change is coming and that Im going to need to bring more honesty into my life and take some kind of plunge based on my truest values...IF ANY OF YOU CAN HELP ME INTERPRET THIS READING, I THINK IT IS RIGHT ON, AND WOULD HELP ME MOVE INTO A FUTURE WHERE I CAN HEAL AND LEARN AND HELP OTHERS....I COULD SEND INFO ON CHART IF ANYONE IS WILLING....

    ALSO, please let me know if you have concerns that you need advice about as I am also psychic/intuitive and supportive.

  • Erika,

    I was reading this and wanted to say that the fact that you "know" exactly where you stand and that you can identify what you want and where you want to go is absolutely an essential part of being able to change. I wish I had some kind of astounding advice that could just help you wipe the slate clean. I know that having been in a certain position allows you to be able to connect with others who struggle as well. It makes us more sensitive, intuitive and caring for other's needs. Your story will change lives. Your experience will guide others. You will pull through this if you can just maintain perspective. I can't help you with your card reading (I have no cool abilities!) but I do want you to know that I wish you the best.

  • Waterbrightrainbowlight, I feel like you have already turned a very big corner in how you think about yourself. You are a great teacher. Good luck and blessings to you!

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