Will someone please do a reading for me?

  • Hi i was born 11 Jan 1962 in scotland could someone pleas do a reading for me I would like to know about my relationship problems . Many thanks xx

  • do you meditate? you are psychic. we all are! you just have to practice and find your strength. overcome past emotions, healing internally will free you from negetive resistance. live in the now with no past strings attached to emotions affecting your actions will help. I recommend going to Beth Lynch m inner light. check out her web site. google beth lynch Geneva NY

  • Spalma, you try to hide your insecurity and inferiority but you give it off in your vibes. Other people pick up the fact that you have low self-worth and the more unscrupuolus types take advantage of you. They treat you as badly as they like and you just accept it because you feel you are not worthy of real love. That's rubbish - everyone on this green earth is worthy of love. Start projecting confidence even if you don't feel it (perhaps you already do this) and eventually it will become real. Keep thinking that you are good and worthy and eventually your changed vibes will attract a nicer sort of partner. We get back exactly what we give out.

  • Thank you guys xx

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