Hans, could you please do me a reading again.

  • Hello Hans,

    It has been a few months, I am more stressed than I was back then. I am a very impatient person, because my life has been in a holding pattern longer than I can even imagine. But I feel I still have it together. If all said and done, I have been patient with with everything going on in my life, being recently divorced, still living with my ex, a man who didn't love me, a situation with a family memeber has left me feeling helpless and finding ways I can help, trying to sell a house, going to school, to work and homework, looking for a new home and hoping my house sells fast and finding the time to spend with my son. Fighting the lonliness I've been feeling for years and ways to overcome. Like school and going to the gym don't seem to be working anymore. But when I am laying in bed alone at night and all comes creeping in the from dark. Slowly the happiness is starting to enter back in my life and I don't cry as much as I use too. I know it is all with in time, but thats where my impatience comes in. Hopefully you see something promising..

    Sincerely Karen.

  • Hopefully you see something promising.: A simple meal of rice and wine, eaten from earthen bowls. This is correct. Take the initiative, others will follow.

    The first thing for you is to bring things down to the level of reality.

  • thank you.

  • hi Hans,

    hope you are well?

    just wondering if you could do a reading for me, I'd like to find out paticularly about the 12th july and anything else you see happening in the future.

    Thank you.

    Sending you love and light as always.


  • Thank you crystal,

    I am.

    just wondering if you could do a reading for me: Heaven blesses you with good fortune.

    Improvement in all facets.

    I'd like to find out paticularly about the 12th july and anything else you see happening in the future: You love the past always dragging around your old self. That is the lie that poisons you. That is the lie, that paralyses your sensors. Advance will meet with disastrous difficulties.

    What you seek is right at hand.

    A little foolishness, enough to enjoy life, and a little wisdom to avoid the errors, that will do.

  • arieskaren,

    again: the first thing for you is to bring things down to the level of reality. It is difficult, particularly so for you. You live in fancy.

  • Hans,

    Do you mean to simplify my life? Smell the flowers and enjoy the sunsets more?


  • Do you mean to simplify my life? No.

    Smell the flowers.

    You need not ask for help, just be ready to receive it; it is already available.

  • Hans,

    That is interesting. Thank you again.

    Sincerely Karen

  • Just be as simple as a child. Just be again a child as you were born, as God sent you into this world. In that mirror like state you will be able to reflect that which is. Innocence is the door to knowing. Knowledge is the barrier and innocence is the bridge.

  • Hello Hans,

    Just curious in our last email you mentioned not grasping and being responsible mindful in all things. After that last week I twisted my ankle which threw a hammer into things... I didn't handle it well truth be told I got angry that biking to work exercise and yardwork etc was suddenly harder. I know there must have been a lot of nonsense running around the streets of my mind cs next thing I knew I had a flat. Had to walk 2 hours home on my limp knee. Spent a few minutes doing the pity party thing then I had to ask how did this come about? Thought about "grasping" and had to admit to myself I was pushing the river, not willing to stop and the Universe kicked in as it will... Now that it's behind me I can laugh at my resistance to listen and bulldoze my way thru (yes I'm a aries "ram") Interestingly I had a dream the night before the flat and warned me I was gonna get a flat. i did check them before I flew out the door but didn't bring anything to be prepared as hindsight tells me I shoulda. What I find interesting is the dream warning. Spirit guide?

    Ok friend I trust this finds you well.




  • Patricia,

    spirit guide? No.

    And by the way, there is no need, your consciousness is wise enough, you just have to be open for it.

    Seeing this miracle, you fall into a deep, undisturbed peacefulness.

  • Hi hans,

    sorry for not getting back sooner, unfortunately I have not been well.

    Just stopping by quickly to say thanks once again for a wonderful reading, and I am hoping that after July the past will be left where it belongs.

    Do you see anything else interesting coming up this year for me?

    oh and btw I'm being told to wish you good luck on something you've been thinking about , hope that makes sense to you.

    love and light


  • you did a reading for me once before my d.o.b is 23/11/71, I'm in lancashire u.k

    I have just met someone a few weeks ago and it seems we are perfect for eachother,he is not exceptional looking but has a wonderful personality, makes me laugh and is there for me.

    he does try his best to make me feel special in every way possible.

    My children are finding it hard to come to terms with mummy having a relationship though, and are feeling very insecure and possessive at present,although his children seem to be very happy about the whole thing.

    We are trying to be as patient as possible and keep things ata low level in front of the children.

    my question is is he the one I am meant to spend my life with and will my children learn to accept this relationship?

    his name is Matthew, he lives in Leeds u.k and d.o.b is 15/11/71 if that helps.

    I would appreciate a read please.

    Thanking you in advance for your wonderful gift and advice.

    love and light crystal

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