• Still going through tough times but staying positive. However, I'm having one of those days. So today I took a walk to the store to buy some necessities. The whole walk to the store I thought about my problems and just kept repeating "Lord help us. We are all having a hard time. I don't know what to. Help us." At the store had a hard time looking for things I needed - they moved their stuff around and at this point no clue where everything was. I ended up turning left into the gift wrap aisle and the first thing that jumped at me was a yellow gift bag that had a gold cross with flowers around it and printed in glitter "Trust in the lord with all your heart." I didn't know they had gift bags made this way. On the walk home and at this moment as I post this, all I kept repeating in my mind was this printed message. - Signs...signs...signs 🙂

  • Thank-God,for ALL the signs he sends us to let us know ..He Is With Us!:) Loves Us,and already has us in his Hands..:) 😉 God Bless you all !

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