• I got an idea to create this thread today for everyone to post their experiences of receiving a sign from the divine. I had an experience recently that was so profound and exciting that I love sharing it with anyone that will listen. It was a reaffirmation to me that there are long as we are willing to be open to them. I thought it would be great to share those experiences with each other. So here's mine:

    I was leaving work one night and I was obsessing over contacting my ex-boyfriend thru a friend of his or if I should just let go. I was trying to decide if I wanted to go get a reading from a woman here in town or wait. Thinking about my job loss and what I was going to do and on and on and on trying to figure out every angle of all the situations and going over and over and over it driving myself nuts. So, I get to a stop light and as I stop, I'm sitting there obsessing, trying to decide what to do. Praying that I will figure out the right choice. I look over to my left. In the lane next to me, slightly ahead of me is another car. I look at the license plate and it says:

    WT 4 IT.

    I cannot even begin to describe the elation...excitement...confirmation from the divine. All the hair on my arms raised, energized and thrilled. It was such an uplifting, reaffirming experience for me. I've had signs throughout my life on various problems going on in my life and when I let go and give up my worries to (for me, God) and wait for answers....they do appear. Share your stories...I'd love to hear what other people have experienced.

  • I had a very similar experience, while driving to work i was also thinking of my ex and it has been on my mind so much that i had had my fill of the constant thinking of the situation.AN OVERWHELMING FEELING of despair came on me i then prayed from my very soul as i never had with tears and resolve. As i told God i want his will and i know his will is best, please just show me your will and i will do whatever it is, i felt a weight come off my body. then it was 10 minutes later at a light, i looked up at the car in front of me and the tag said LEO 1 , the experation of the tag was october( the month we were supposed to marry) How did i know this sign was for me? my ex is a leo. although a lot here have told me he is not for me, one did tell me i would meet someone in oct who would be the right one for me, maybe it will be him a new him with resolved issues, and me with resolved issues, and maybe not but it was a sign for sure as of now i just dont know what, time will tell. everything in its own timing i suppose., But i did ask for a sign and it did appear after i gave it toGod. that was an amazing experience!

  • How great that both of us got signs from license plates! Thanks for sharing your experience. I think stuff like this is so exciting, encouraging and reaffirming.

  • He was and still is one of my favorites. Uncle Buck...loved it. I think I look a little better than him in that movie but all in all...lot of the same characteristics. :0)

  • Here's a good book everyone looking for signs should have: The Messiah's Handbook by Richard Bach. The pages aren't numbered --on purpose. All you do is think of your problem, open the book to a random page, pick left or right --and who knows?

    Oh, sometimes it doesn't make sense at first, but in time it does. ^.~

  • My ex husband had a very tattered copy of Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah. He used to read it over and over. I never did. I will have to put the Handbook on my to buy list and the other on my reading list.

    I used to participate quite a bit in AA and its actually what gave me a bigger foundation in my path of spirituality. I was a firm believer in thinking about a problem and then opening either the Big Book or one of my Daily Meditation books for answers. Sometimes they seemed a little obscure but they eventually made sense.

    When I started this thread, the one story that always comes to mind was from a book that I just loved written by a guy (Barry) that was addicted to everything. Everything. So, it wasn't just for AA or NA, it was for every addiction. He relayed a story about how he went to a meeting one night and the whole meeting just drove him nuts. People weren't keeping to the subject, others were doing distracting stuff and he left the meeting just completely disgusted that it just didn't provide any enlightenment and he was really hoping to find some that night. He was thinking about it driving home and was trying to figure out what went wrong with the meeting and he looked over and there was a sign on the freeway for a business on a billboard. It said, "Barry Controls." It's one of my favorite stories about signs. He wanted everyone to do it his way and when they didn't he got frustrated. It was an eye opener.

  • That was so kewl! What a way to be enbraced by the Divine. The Universe truly loves u


  • Great topic! My favorite story is about work. My old boss was a screamer, and one day was screaming at 2 of us back in the cubicles for no reason, just to vent. Wanting it to escalate. I sat there calmly, smiling, then turned and whispered 'indoor voices'. The look on his face was priceless, and he wheeled around and left. On the way home, not 30 minutes later, I saw a church marque that read 'He who angers you controls you.'

  • I see signs too - but sometimes I think im a little crazy..... Glad to hear others experience it too!! I have so many stories - too many to put up here.. But I need a sign about something now so I am giving it up to the universe 🙂

  • Well, for me this happened a couple of months ago. I have been going through a battle with my children and didn't know what was going to happen. I get my kids on the weekends and soon will have them with me all the time... The sign that my daughter saw one day while we were driving was on a sign outside of a church that said this... God doesn't want just part time, he wants full custody!!!. My daughter was excited cause we were just discussing the situation that has been going on with her and her siblings.. So I do believe that there are signs out there for all of us.. also BrianTristan had done the song for me that change was a comin and I have gotten that told to me more than once in the last few weeks or so .... So thankful for the ones on here that are helping those of us in need of a helping hand and ear... Thank you everyone for your encouragement.. It does mean alot...

  • Well - after giving it up to the universe and asking for a sign - I got PLENTY!!!!!

    His name was EVERYWHERE on Friday.... Songs on the radio he used to sing to me... All kinds of them..... I truly believe...

  • We were debating whether or not to move to a certain city and pretty soon after I asked for guidance (thanks AuntBeth) we saw a news thing about what is going on in this city. Pretty clear messagee so we are still here. I think I am more open to signs now and can interpret them better.

  • Thought I would check in on this thread since it didn't seem like it was getting much attention and I'm glad I did. It is so great to see that if you stop, look, listen, open up your mind, the answers and signs are there for you. I love seeing other people's just reaffirms mine. Blessings all...

  • wow... stumbling upon the forums here (since i've never been) is a sign for me in itself. I have been at a loss in making a decision whether i should fly to meet a man I met online who is on his way home as we speak from Iraq. He's invited me to visit with him during the short time he is home before he returns. I only hesitate, because we have had some recent turbulence in regards to another woman who wants to also spend that time with him. He has been trying to convince me that it is me that he wants to see.

    I was driving yesterday and in deep thought about what i should do... should i go? should i go? I couldn't stop thinking about it. I was looking at the car directly in front of me in a daze when it finally dawned on me that the name of the car dealership on the bracket surrounding the car's license plate was owned by a man who has the exact same name as my friend... both first and last names! I was in shock! There was his name, plain as day on the car in front of me. I was thinking to myself all day yesterday... was that a sign???? Being the skeptical person that i am, i was still unsure until today. Just finding the link to this forum about signs on the page while reading my daily horoscope, and then reading this forum that also focuses on license plates... well, it is all just too much to ignore!

  • Aunt Buck,

    what a great topic, the universe is always sending us message whiether we are aware of it or not! When i was fourteen i was living in new york, a clueless teenager, that was over fourty six years ago, while riding the city bus to go to my cousins house i read a poster which impact me till this day, something i taught to my kids, now to my grandchildren, now i am working on a problem, and those words keep banging in my head.

    what the poster read,

    a quitter never wins,

    a winner never quits

    thank you, blessings and light to you


  • Dear AuntBuck,, The divine works in wonderful ways, your posts along with everyone elses truly shows how if we just stop, ask for help, anything can happen, I will try to upload a sign for everyone to see, that I ran across the other day, and was lucky enough to be able to snap a pix of.. please forgive me if I cant get it, I am not very good with these kinds of things.. But just everyones wonderful posts reminds us all when a door shuts.. look for the window! Bentwing ^A^ 🙂

  • I have also had signs show up from my angels too. I have always been into angels and recently got into a discussion with another member about getting signs from our angels. They told me, the angels want to work with you and they will prove they are with you if you ask them to. So, being, I decided to ask for a sign. A simple sign. "If you are with me, show me a coin on the ground in front of me." I was driving as I was thinking this, coming home from the grocery store. I get home, pull into my garage and was smoking a cigarette at the time. I get out of the car, put the cigarette out in my driveway next to a flower bed and pop the trunk and start unloading groceries. I get done, go back out to pick up my cigarette butt and right next to it is a penny. I stepped on this cigarette to put it out so I know I looked at the ground and there was no coin there when I put it out. Hair raises on arms. Start tingling and WOW am I excited. Well, I am greedy and so I am walking to thru garage saying...ok...REALLY prove to me that you are with me. My garage houses my laundry so as I am walking I see another coin on the floor and start laughing going, no good, there is always change on the floor out here from doing laundry.

    I get to my kitchen and start unloading groceries. I go to the fridge and right in front of the fridge is a nickel. Now I am getting really excited because I had just swept the floor before I left to go shopping and I know that there wasn't a coin there when I left and no one else was home so it couldn't have been someone else dropping it there.

    So...I admit, I am really, really greedy. So...throughout the evening I am asking to see more coins, specifically, on the floor in my bedroom. I asked probably about 5 more times over the course of a couple hours. I go into my room before bed, no coins on the floor. OK, I guess I was pushing it and the angels are tired of showing me. I can accept that. I get up the next morning, no coins in my way, get out to the kitchen and start my tea and for some reason decided to go back to my room to get something, don't remember what, and as I walk in the door, in front of my dresser, are 5 more pennies. OK....I'm good. I know without a doubt my angels are with me and I talk to them everyday and ask for guidance.

    If you want to try this yourself, invite them into your life and then ask to see a sign. Let us know what you get!

  • I have had quite a few signs over this past weekend..... My horoscope delivered via text message was absolutely SPOT on regarding a certain person.... Then I saw a church sign that said - "everybody enjoys seeing justice served..... to somebody else...." well I had just heard that a justice had been done and was revelling in the fact... But still feeling bad for that person... I am still giving my hopes up to the universe and now I know that it is working with me - I just have to let it!!

  • Hi Aunt Buck,

    Great thread! I have been looking for place to blog this. I’ve been experiencing these signs for quite some time now. After reading this thread, okay I don’t think I’m OI (over interpreting) things around me.

    Two years ago my family had a crisis. My brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia. I was living with my sister in SoCal and our parents needed us to immediately go to NoCal and help. All my sister and I did on the drive up was worry and all this what ifs and if onlys and just all sorts of stuff going through our mind. We prayed and prayed and ask for help, wisdom and guidance. We’ve only heard of this disorder from other people and read about it in books. But its different when someone close to you has it. It turns your world around. Through our drive up I noticed that the name Gabriel kept coming up. The cashiers at several of the gas station and fast food places we stopped at (there were three at different stops.) Then the kicker –I had fallen asleep for about 45 minutes and woken up. I asked my sister why we weren’t taking the regular route of going through LA. She said going through LA would be grid lock traffic at the time so she said she looked up another way before leaving – and without telling me. Oh my gosh! My sister’s short cut by not going through LA …she went through the back roads. When I looked up to see where we were. OMG! San Gabriel! I screamed! My sister said wtf is wrong with you. I told her I think my guardian angel is talking to me. She said why. I told her I noticed at the stops we made, I notice at least one person with the name Gabriel. She said how do you know he’s your guardian angel. I said I don’t but I feel it, I feel like he is, like he’s telling me something and every time I think I feel more at ease. So as soon as I got home I looked up my guardian angel as was told through some site by providing my birthday (11/4/74) and it was the archangel Gabriel. I had goose bumps when it came up. So ever since then when I’m feeling at my lowest, I feel like with things around me I get little messages from Gabriel.

    So for the present I’m still struggling but keeping positive. Although I try to pick myself up and keep strong have to admit I’ve had my moments when I just get emotional about it. I found myself crying last week. I faced repossession of my car; a business in the brink of closing and now foreclosure. I have hardly any new clients the only three I have left and one is on an end of life stages. I have been taking care of her for 2 years now but she had a stroke and was taken to the hospital. The hospital called and said she wasn’t taking any fluids or food. I was saddened by this because she was a nice lady and she loved food! She came back home and was told she was given only a few more days. After getting her settled in from the hospital. I checked my email at the end of the day and I just broke down crying. Its been so crazy for me. Then I look up and these words on the screen caught my eye of an expression “this too shall past.” I had to blink and make sure what I was reading it right and it was some spam mail about a site quotes a friend sent me. Believe it or not I had an urge to look up my guardian angel. I was feeling so emotionally low and every time I do I feel like my guardian angel is trying to talk to me.

    I then searched for archangel Gabriel image and found a picture of Gabriel in gear with his flaming red hair floating with aura and clouds surrounding him. (I tried looking on google and yahoo looking for the image again...I can’t find!) I don’t know if its just the picture but I just felt at ease. So, the next day my client had nurses that came to visit her. I had good news for them because my client that they said was not taking in fluids is drinking water and smoothies. So I was excited to meet them for the first time. Here’s the kicker -the nurses names. GABRIELa the nurse (who had flaming red hair) came with her supervisor GRACE (had a very calm and soothing voice). GRACE who was not planning to come was glad she came because it was a JOY to have been here to visit and just JOY for her to meet me and was told I was a JOY to work with. They gave me each a big hug and was told they were my support and to not worry. Believe it or not I felt so good and at ease, like everything will be alright. I felt like I was touched by an angel 😉 Now my client who they gave only a few days to live and said couldn’t take any fluids – well she’s still with us and drinking all the smoothies and fluids she can and still fighting. What do you think, coincidence or just Gabriel sending me a message.

    Love and Blessings to you,

    Mari - Mariplatnum

  • *signs

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