This is why it's so hard to let go of a Cancer man!

  • Woke up this morning and gave my cancer guy his Valentine's gift. He didn't have anything for me and was acting funny. He said he had to go pick up some things and him and my girls left. He informed me that I should be ready when he comes back because he had things he wanted to do. Him and the girls was gone for about an hour and a half.

    When he came back he got down on one knee and told me he loved me more than he ever has anyone. Then he asked me to marry him again! He had booked a church without me knowing and I have to be there this afternoon. He called all my family and asked them to come. He said he wants to start over and do it right this time. I ♥ him!

    I hope everyone on here has an amazing valentine's day like I am!

  • SOOO happy for you, and to see someone saying something nice about a cancer. My cancer and I celebrated valintines day on friday, because he has his kids until monday and I have to work. I cooked for him and gave him surgical hats for his job, but custom made with all his favorite colors, and favorite sports team, and one in reference to his service in the U.S. Navy. He just melted and went on and on about how much he liked them and how happy he.... he text me this morning that he found a sitter and has a suprise for me when I get off work..... I am so excited. It is a lot of work getting there, but once you are in there hearts there is no warmer, safer or more loving place to be. Congradulations on your renuptuals!

  • PiscesParadox: congratulations. really great to hear a story like that. 🙂

  • Looks like you dont' have to let go of your Cancer man after all.? Congrats and all the best to you both for the future. I love a happy ending xx

  • Dear Pisces - I'm so happy for you!! such a lovely story 🙂

    Dear Sexygem - happy for you too - please tell us about the surprise 🙂


    Im SO BLOODY happy for u,. Im PEAGREEN with envy LMAO

    What a man u got there. dont u DARE let him walk.


    who said cancers aint romantics at heart huh? LOLOLOL WOOOOWW man!

  • The suprise was a trip las vegas, we're in the bay area an hour 1/2 flight he planed dinner a show we saw ka' and stayed at the monte carlo, the best valintines ever.

  • We'd talked of going later this year, this was his first trip out there, when he picked me up I didn't know where we were going until we got to the airport gate, it was sooo nice and romantic. We didn't get to take in all the sights we had to be back home by 11:00a this morning, he said it was spur of the moment, I didn't think he was even capable of this type of spontenaiety.... I love it!!! I love him soo much, I will never let him go!

  • ((♥)) That is so sweet! You Valentine's Day sounds amazing SexyGem! Never been that far out west but I hear really good things about it. Hit up the casinos?

  • not really, I wasn't prepared, didn't have a whole lot of cash or time, the show was over at almost 11p our flight left at 8:30a this morning which ment we had to leave the hotel at 6:30a... A trip to vegas is incomplete without gameing so we stopped spent 20 on our lucky number 04 black roulette, and 20 on slots, in our hotel then turned in... next time we'll be able to enjoy vegas more last night we just enjoyed eachother, and our love for one another. It was amazing, but I'm still envious of your wonderful cancer's idea of reconfirming your commitment. Where you able to pull a dress together for your surprise wedding day?

  • I think your guy was very romantic. He took you on a spontaneous adventure! From the sounds of it he will never be boring. If you are low on cash next time then walk the streets just to see what you can see. You never know what odd thing you will come across that you both will be talking about years later.

    I didn't wear a dress. I didn't when we got married either. Not really a dress kind of girl. I'm the type that would wear tennis shoes and blue jeans to a black tie function. If I have a shirt with a collar on it on I am dressed up! Everyone there cried. Except me! LOL If my Cancer man had planned something big he knows I would have probably ran away as soon as I started down the isle. I don't handle things like that well. Makes me a nervous wreck. The pastor that did the ceremony thank my husband for making him look bad in front of his wife! haha It was amazing though. It felt more real this time than it did the first.

    That was so sweet of you to make those things for him. I'm not crafty at all so I am envious! The fact that he would find a sitter and run off with you like that shows how much he cares for you. He sounds like a super sweet guy! He was in the Navy? My hubby used to be a Marine. Mine has been out since 97 but I still have his uniforms and he has saved all his things from his service.

  • Congrats!!

  • his mother has all his old navy stuff, he was in service for 10yrs till '04. thank you he i was very romantic he is a veryspecial guy. Well although you didn't wear a dress he planed a perfect wedding day for you two, looks like its going to last forever. Congradulations!!!! We are very lucky (u&I). And it is sooooo nice to finally see someone besides me who has nice things to say about cancers. They really are quite wonderful once you get past their eloaborate defense system.

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