Aries and Taurus

  • what is the capability for these two.

    Aries woman and Taurean man

  • This means struggle.

    You come back. Don´t take an unnecessary risk; after a few months you can go again.

  • I'm a Aries and in High school I had a Taurus friend/boyfriend who was one of the nicest guys I ever met. He was over the top handsome and came from a well to do family, but he was not a snob. He was very charming, met me at my locker and walked me to class everyday! Totally kind, honest, and attentive. There was a huge age difference so we never got serious, but it was a very special relationship I never forgot. I also have a best "guy" friend totally platonic that is a Taurus and in both good times and bad I could rely on him to be there..We have had a friendship that has lasted about 40 years. My oldest brother is a Taurus and we never have had one fight that I can remember...So don't give up Aries girl on that Taurus..It can work : )

  • I met him we get on good.

    I feel guilty feeling this way but i'm 37 and he 46, now he has no job, living in sheltered accomodation.. and because of bad health he has a scooter cause cant walk far.

    No i'm not norm the shallow type, i took him around my town a bit i just felt i had to think of places where think of a scooter.. i just felt guily because i was thinking this long term is not what i want, but a bit of fun in which we have had, i dont want to be tied like that i have enough in my work. Yes i know it can happen to anytime, also he got no home or momey,

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