Moving to canada

  • Hi if anyone would like to give a tarot reading for me i would really apreciate it, ive had one from hans and goldenhill before both were so helpful.Im about to join a waithing list for a visa to work in canada for a year (moving from ireland).Im going with my boyfriend and its my first time living out of home, with a boyfriend, living in a different country and changing jobs so im a little nervous.My question is will i get my visa this year,will i find good work over there and how will i get along living with my boyfriend?My dob is 13/02/10 (yes its my birthday today, YEAH!!)

  • Happy Birthday, emma23!

    Someone will pop on here for a reading the meantime, I so hope you go and enjoy while your young. What an experience it'll be!! Think of history .... so many Irish went to Canada, including some of me own, : ) lol !

    Well, this post will bring your back to the top of the list : ) Have a fantastic b-day !! Bump!

  • Happy Birthday 23!!!!!

    Hope you have a good one

  • Thanks guys!Happy Valentines day!Hope someone can give a bit of insight to my question.Hope this is a lucky year to travel

  • Bump!

  • Happy belated b-day emma. Gosh this is a chance of a life time , but I understand you concerns Its suck big decision , I am Irish also , what part do you come from ? My daughter went traveling 2 years ago with her b/f and now they are planning their wedding in june . I think that time together helped them get to know one another better.

  • Thank you!Im living in Cork.Yes im very excited but also nervous.The new moon entered my chart on my birthday so im hoping this is a good omen.

  • I'm sure you will be fine . by the way , what star sign is your b/f ? I come from Co Monaghan but I have lived over here in the UK 40 years now , Only go back home now and again .

  • Hes an Aquarius too!and its definately true what they say about aquarians loving travel!

  • Yes it is . so i say go or it , At the end of the day it is only for a year . When do you expect to here about your Visa's ?

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