I met this great guy, should I give him a chance?

  • I recently just got out of a relationship with a gemini which I told you all about. Just yesturday I met this guy and he is a scorpio, and he seems nice and he asked me to go out with him on Sunday. I am not sure if I should say no or just go out with him, although I was hurt just recently by the other. My friend said I should go because it will help me get over the gemini a lot faster. I don't know what to do here, I need help. So please help.

  • it wont hurt to go out if you feel you would like to, be freinds and see where it goes from their, i would not commit to anything untill you are over the gemini one, but to be freinds is good for a start, good luck and enjoy the time , just enjoy what comes along without getting too attached, its nice to have some one to take you out,

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