Second opinion tarot reading!

  • This reading reflects a guy who found out that I am interested in him and has been avoiding for quite some time. Hoping for a second opinion....thanks

    His feelings..Justice(He feels justified in avoiding me)

    What he thinks of me..Queen of cups(controlling, overpowering)

    What is keeping us apart...Three of wands(the past)

    What type of relationship he wants with me..The Star (He is content with continuing to avoid me)

    Most likely outcome between us..Two of Cups (This card could signify that one day I will be at peace with his avoidance of me)

  • okay.

    His feelings..Justice: He keeps his rhythm of contact and withdrawal.

    What he thinks of me..Queen of cups: Dominating with your emotions like his mother did.

    What is keeping us apart...Three of wands(the past): Each of you is waiting.

    What type of relationship he wants with me..The Star: A common hope, a common goal, without controlling each other.

    Most likely outcome between us..Two of Cups; There will be exchange of hearts, a fulfilling relationship.

    When you are expressive you feel good and when that disappears and you become more feminine, you feel hollow, empty, collapsing, caving in.

  • Thanks so much.

  • Rabbi Greenberg died and went to heaven. He saw only three people there, reading by a dim light. One of them was Mahatma Gandhi who was reading PLAYBOY, the second one was Ayatollah Khomaniac -- he was reading GALLERY -- and the third was Pope The Polack who was reading GENESIS. And they were all reading very religiously. He could not believe his own eyes. First he could not believe that there were only three people in heaven, and then he could not believe they were all religiously reading PLAYBOY, GALLERY, GENESIS -- and reading so religiously, as if they were reading the Gita, the Koran, the Bible.

    He decided to see what helll was like. The rabbi got to the Devil's domain and it turned out to be a big nightclub with every kind of music being played. There was an eight-piece Dixieland band, a thirty-piece swing band, and all the people were dancing.

    Rabbi Greenberg went back up to heaven and asked for an audience with God. "I don't understand it, Lord," he said. "There are only three people in heaven and they are all reading, and they are all reading things which should not be read, and they are reading them so religiously. I am amazed! I am surprised! And down in helll everybody is dancing and having a good time! And these three people look so sad and so ugly. Why can't we have some music in heaven, some dance in heaven?"

    The Lord said, "I can't hire a band just for these three stupid people!"

  • LOL -

    Is Khomaniac a "typo"? This is too funny and hopefully brought a smile to browneye as well.

    "I can't hire a band just for these three stupid people!"

  • i forgot to add. Is the moral of this story is "We are all equal in God's view" and all depends on his resources..

  • Priests are always against life, because the priests can have power over you only if you are weak. And to make you against life makes you weak. Then all kinds of perversions settle in.

  • Hi hans, thank you for explaining it. yes, let's not forget the decadence then perversion. It is so much nicer to say things with a hint of 'funny" or sous entendu.

  • Religion has nothing to do with ascetism. Asceticism is born out of a masochistic mind. It is sickness, it is pathology. There is a very ugly joy in torturing oneself; it is perversion. To torture is ugly; whether you torture others or you torture yourself does not make much difference. In fact to torture oneself is more of a crime than to torture others. The others can retaliate, they can defend themselves, they can do something to protect themselves. But when you torture yourself then there is nobody to defend you, then there is nobody to fight you back. So it is more ugly, more violent.

  • Hi, so true and it can turn out to be self torture physically and or also mentally and beating up oneself. It is a good thing to realize maybe there is nothing you can do about the thing that bothers you and be comforted (after trying out somethings) then step away. What do you think about the saying "left go and let God"?

    thank you again.

  • Probably you meant "let go and let God".

    The part is bound to be helpless. In itself the part is bound to be impotent. The part is potent only with the whole. Your strength is in being with truth; there is no other strength. Truth is strong, we are weak. God is strong, we are weak. With him we are also strong; against him, without him, we are weak. Fight the river, try to go upstream and you will be proved a weakling.

    Float with the river and go downstream -- don't even swim, be in a letgo and let the river take you wherever it is going -- and then there is no weakness. When the idea of being strong is dropped there is no weakness left. They both disappear together. And then, suddenly, you are neither weak nor strong. In fact, you are not;

    God is -- neither weak nor strong.

  • Hello hans, Sorry, yes I meant "let" .

    Being one with God, "God like" - neither weak nore storng. It has been soo long since I had such conversations with anyone. so thank you.

    [we are weak. Fight the river, try to go upstream and you will be proved a weakling.] --

    how true is that. You will just go down faster and faster especially if you are in the ocean as opposed to a lake even. It's just best (like you wrote) be carried.

  • Mulla Nasrudin and his wife were gossiping about the recent wedding scandal.

    "Just think," said the wife, "it was just as the bride was coming down the aisle that the groom suddenly turned and ran from the church and skipped town. I guess he lost his nerve."

    "Oh, I don´t think so," said the Mulla. "I figure he found it."

  • ha ha ha..thank you. too cute.

    After he had made all the right promises, moves and declarations. Suddenly....

  • It is very difficult to see; when truth knocks at your door, it is very difficult to open the door and

    receive the guest, and welcome the guest -- because when truth knocks at your door, suddenly you become aware that you have been living up to now with lies, that up to now you have been untrue, that all your declarations were false and all your dogmas were false.

    When truth comes face to face with you, suddenly your whole life is nullified.

  • yes it is very true what you write.

    (how much does one care or is affected by this) It really depends on how much you had been invested in that 'untruth" knowing it as the "truth" so yes, difficult to open the door and receive that guest and welcome it.

    and of course "suddenly you become aware that you have been living up to now with lies, "

    Even When you have been lied to, their false declarations, the hurtful and ugly result is the same still

    "When truth comes face to face with you, suddenly your whole life is nullified."

  • I saw all these posts and thought wow..I have alot of interpretations. I'd love another opinion on the readings.


  • Hi Browneyes. I am so sorry for going on and on in your thread. I never thought it will have so many replies etc too. So, here is anoher BUMP for you. Maybe repost a reply with your original questions and tarot results too after this one...

  • Hello Znl,

    It’s fine that you posted in my thread. Thank you for the “bump”.

    Bright Blessings,


  • znl,

    this is what truth is all about - a deep understanding that there is no problem. Then, with no problem to solve, what will you do? Immediately you start living. You will eat, you will sleep, you will love, you will work, you will have a chit-chat, you will sing, you will dance - what else is there to do?

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