Another Cancer guy issue ... and request for a reading

  • I'm a Pisces.

    We have been dating on and off for the past 9 months. Started off pretty fast and he wasn't ready for an official relationship. We had so much connection with each other.

    Now feelings have faded and yet I still think he may be the one for me. I don't think I can find anyone with whom I can have such a special connection. He makes me really happy. But I don't feel upset or angry or sad or emotional that we are off currently.

    This is the 2nd time he's ignoring and avoiding me. The last time he did that, was in Nov/Dec and it took him about 2 to 3 weeks before contacting me again after we met at a mutual friend's bbq party.

    I'm born 09 March 1980 (female, GMT +8) and he's borned 04 July 1980.

    Would like to know about my love life and any possibility of him and me.


  • dilphinus. I feel your pain , been there , I am no expert , but if you care to pop over to my thread ' Have I lost my cancer b/f for good " Sandran712 is an expert on Cancers. She will give you advice and support . hopw to see you there soon . My X was born the 6 th July and I have this new friend and his is the 4 th also .

  • Thanks llindieloo.

    Anyone can assist me with a reading?

  • Leoscorpion is very good , if you ask her she will do you and you b/f chart for you , just need both your d.o.b. time of birth and where you both come from . it will definately advise if you are compatible or not , but as I said before Sandran is an expert on cancers .

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