When giving a "reading".......

  • I read that thread and nobody said your Nan was a liar. You ASKED people if they thought your Nan was right. They told you the nicest way possible that they didn't believe so. I didn't see anywhere that they called your Nan a liar. You are being very unfair and misleading with this post. Soulshock too. I saw her thread as well and she got angry because she didn't like the reading. The FREE reading. I'm not understanding the abuse readers are getting lately. You all have asked for their insight. They gave it to you. If you don't like it then fine don't listen.... but don't get angry at someone who just answered your question. they only way your feelings wouldn't have been hurt it seems is fi she just told you what you wanted to hear. Not fair at all. I wouldn't be surprised if people stop doing readings here because instead of people thanking them for their time, they are getting angry posts accusing them of being heartless. I think I need a break from this place. This really bugs me.





  • Dare we disagree with a free online psychic reading Neece? We will take some heat but who really gives a flying ***** what they think??

  • Not even a single sorry.No why do that that's admitting their wrong,


  • Dear Neece an Soulshock

    Please calm down.....we all try to tell the truth as we see it and we have all suffered loss and disappointments in our lives. If I write something you disagree with when I read your charts, please don't disrespect me by getting angry ..I will, like the others here, have said it in good faith

    and out of concern fo you.

    "Don't get paid?" Most people on here can't afford to pay and , why should they when we will do what we do for nothing? We do expect a llittle goodwill however.

    Peace and love to you both

  • I just think it's dangerous for people who think they have a "knack" for this sort of thing to come off as a full blown psychic. When I hear things in a "reading" that don't ring true for me.....I'm going to say so.

    I went to a live psychic with my Mom one time (she was supposed to be good) for a reading. She was SO WRONG about my Mom's life that my Mom refused to pay her the $50.00 fee. She instead gave her $10.00 for her 20 minute reading(her time) and told her She was not paying that much for someone who was NOT Psychic. I got my reading....She was also wrong about me and told me I would Marry a Short Stocky Guy. (I'm not even attracted to short,stocky Guys) My Husband is 6'4 with and perfect bod!! That Psychic got SO MAD at my Mom for having the NERVE to say She wasn't happy with the reading!!! I on the other hand tried to be respectful and paid her the $50.00 even though She didn't deserve it.

    In this situation.....even though the reading was free and they may have had good intentions.....they are NOT very good @ what they claim they can do. I've read about a few others who weren't happy with their info either. Perhaps they are just honing their skills on us.

  • Dear Soulshock

    Yes, paying for something, doesn't mean it'll be better product, does it and as you say, you did make a generous gesture in paying the full amount to the psychic.


    I suppose there is no such thing thng as a completely impartial reading, because it is always filtered through the mind of the individual reader; for good or ill. See you on the other thread, Soulshock

    Peace and light

  • ok its about understanding and divine intent also strength, we are all here to learn and i have experienced tarot readers who, read the cards "strait up. if we ask for advice thats our own mistake, if we do not like it. ya know . i have experienced ex. you have been a child in a conflict with your intemtions meaning you lowered your energy to get a point across and were not acting like an adult. And yes I did! i know learned and accept my failure. But i do not believe in reading the cards without a positive guidance. Truth does hurt and discipline. i do agree with NEECE1974.Trust your own instinct but apparently you said she shouldnt be on the site well maybe you should be focusing intune to you faults not just your gains. i just gave you an example one of my faults and i accepted the advice and was as the JUSTICE card Fair.

  • The person who told me I had my relationship all wrong......(I was bombarded by insults because I disagreed with her)..... just told another Girl Her Boyfriend walked away because he has a wife and kids when the Girl knows he is NOT Married and has NO Kids!!

    Don't TRUST any reading. Just take it with a grain of salt and use what info you can.

  • excellent! soul shock, i was sincerly thinking, grain of salt. lol, great way to conclude this.

  • Neece and Soulshock

    There is no such a thing as psychic always right. In fact there is no single human being always right anyway. Paid or not, if they are wrong they are wrong. Sometimes we can choose not to pay, but most of the time it’s payment in advance. That said, it doesn’t mean they can insult you if you disagree. In fact there shouldn’t be any insult or slurs involved anyway. It’s a matter of one asking, and the other responds. If you disagree then you disagree. There shouldn’t be any insult following it. Unless you insult them, I guess they get angry and insult you back.

    About insult and slurs, I’ve had my share of being slurred too. Believe it or not, it’s not even a reading. I never read for them (I’m not psychic anyway) and I never asked them for anything, not a reading, not tips, nothing. The only time I asked for psychic help on here, was in September (or late August), and it was about some spiritual attack I experienced. I read something similar in a book and was wondering if someone could tell me about my own experience. At the time I didn’t have a guide, and my mentors were travelling for spiritual gathering, I didn’t want to interrupt. They don’t belong to this tarot com forum. I thought I could ask for someone on here to help. So I made that thread asking about spiritual attack, something about attack on the psyche.

    None of these people who slurred me, were on that thread at all LOL so it’s kind of weird what made them made all the slurs, as if I bugged them for help or something? Ever? The good thing is, I met my guide in October, and so I found out a little bit about what happened, and some responses I got were confirmed. I wish I could ask my guide things about other people, so I could give out psychic readings, but thing is, I have a lot to learn myself and my path isn’t about clairvoyance at all. The way I see it, if I’m meant to know, I will know. If not, then I don’t see the point of insisting to find out.

    I can understand you are angry if you are insulted. I was angry at first when I first read all the slurs. But I chose to walk away. Because really, I don’t even know these people and they don’t know me. I have what I need: a loving devoted husband, a few good people on here I connect outside the forum, trusted spiritual people including healers in real life, a guide and power animals, more work to help me pay off my debts and keep up with the house bills. I am not new to being insulted or slurred, but what do these insults do, really? Nothing. Meaningless. I am still happy, I am still blessed. A psychic told me I am arrogant I will never be happy, find love etc. Guess what? I found love. I have never been happier the last 9 years of my life.

    Anyone can tell you what they want to tell you. But it is what you do after you hear it, that matters. Of course you can be angry if you choose to. But really, what did anger bring you ? Did it make the psychic tell you the truth, or what you think/feel is the truth ? Nope. If someone is meant to be with you, and the psychic said otherwise, will that change your destiny together ? Nope. It’s basically just questions and replies, isn’t it ? Sometimes it's not even close of a reply, sometimes you expect a reply that validates what you already believe is right, sometimes it's accurate.

    I hope you both find the answer you seek. I’m not defending anybody. Just sharing my view.

  • Dear LS , Soulshock et al

    Your explantion is spot-on........also.....everyone suffers at some point in their lives, when a lover walks away and finds love elsewhere. You give them your soul and they kick it back at/to you, like a football. When you hurt you want someone to tell you that your lover will return and you will be whole again...................no matter whether or not a psychic gives you that reassurance, the likelihood of a lover returning to you and giving up their new relationship, is what, .......... ..5% or less maybe?

    This is where the name-calling and slurs on a psychic's reputation begin..................you want to hear "Its not over" not "It's over" and get angry when you hear the latter opinion - linguistically window-dressed and delivered with platitudes and euphemisms, or straight out ....the damage is done!. Let the battle commence!

    Peace and love.

  • Nice post LS.

  • Dearest Leoscorpion

    you are sooo Awesome!!!! I enjoyed reading your insight, great post


  • thanks goldenhill and flowsco

    I hope you both and highpriestess still enjoy posting in the forum

    and never get to experience what I experienced

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