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  • Thank you MedicMom01

  • Hi MedicMom,

    I was just like you. For a long time, I also convinced myself I didn't need anyone. But I've changed a lot over the last year and now make friends easily. I have many friends, a handful of whom are my best pals.

    But love eludes me. I thought about what you said and I think I like him - the person and who he represents - and how I feel when I'm around him. Another person presented himself around the same time; this person was more into me and we got along easily. But somehow I'm only drawn to the first guy. At least it worked out for the second guy - he's now got a gf and seems very happy 🙂

    But I'm still alone....

  • Hello MedicMom01

    Are you still doing these love readings?

    My birthday is 10/15/81

    guys of interrest 10/27/83 and 3/7/77

  • littlej,

    I am... give me a day or two to get this done for you... I've been traveling for the last couple weeks and need to get settled back in.

    Many blessings to all

  • Hello MediMom01

    I would like to request a reading, My birthday is sept.21,59.

    Thank you

  • Ok MedicMom01, I hope you enjoyed yourself while traveling and it wasn't all work and no play. I know sometimes being away is stressful even if it is for a vacation. I look forward to your reading on these men. Thank you.

  • littlej and cyw39... Thanks for your patience! In trying to settle back in to a "normal" day to day~ My granddaughter was born Monday nite... LoL Life is always full of surprises isn't it! I will try to find some time this weekend to get to both of your readings (and any others that crop up between now and then).

    In deepest gratitude

  • Roxy1973, darling, i know this is your thread and before oppossing myself onit like many has, i wish to ask, may i also take advantage of your thread and ask the same question?

    Ill await your reply and hold off asking, yet i kinda did, but it was more to you as is it okay i ask on your thread.

    blessed be


  • Hi MedicMom,

    Could I request for reading for my friend. HIs DOB is June 13 1973.

    Seems there is some movement in life in relation to him - but could be nothing.

  • littlej

    Four of Coins
    in the "Love & Me" Position
    Main (positional) Meaning:
    A legacy of some kind provides a stable foundation upon which to build a future romantic relationship.
    The card in the Love & Me position touches on an aspect of how you perceive yourself with regard to possible intimacy in your life.
    The Four of Coins in this position suggests that you have been blessed with some kind of inheritance or assets that you are still learning how to put to good use. This endowment may be monetary or it may be some other form of generous support. It gives you a relatively stable base upon which you can build for the benefit of you and your next partner.
    When you are fully aware of what a blessing it is, you can cultivate a feeling of gratitude and make the best use of your advantage. On the other hand, there is a chance you will squander its value. It's OK to be playful, but beware of irresponsible pleasure-seeking.
    Note: In the English-school decks, we see a person who is stuck in their misunderstanding of how the material plane works. He's afraid to let go of his four measly coins because he doesn't know he has to give in order to get. When looked at this way, this is the card of "poverty consciousness."
    Ten of Coins
    in the "Situation" Position
    Main (positional) Meaning:
    Learn to accommodate the entire spectrum of experience as you move among the privileged.
    The card that lands in the Situation position refers to social or circumstantial factors which could be affecting your life at this time.
    The Ten of Coins in this position suggests that an important forthcoming relationship may introduce you to people who have a high degree of privilege. Both the negative and positive sides of these highly accomplished and affluent individuals are revealed to you through the daily contacts that you make in this situation. Witnessing this exclusive mode of living may bring to mind the radical divisions separating different groups of people on this Earth. However, something in your destiny calls you to bridge these distances.
    To become a true world citizen, you need to be able to move among all classes of people. This necessitates learning to feel natural among people who may take their life of luxury for granted. If you share your generous and concerned sensibilities with those people who have more money than they can spend, it could give you a powerful boost for doing good works in the world.
    Eight of Wands
    in the "Challenges" Position
    Main (positional) Meaning:
    Long labor produces what appears to others to be an effortless result. The price of success in a potential relationship is continued exertion.
    The card that lands in the Challenges position refers to ways that you can turn obstacles into stepping stones.
    The Eight of Wands in this position is testing how well you anticipate the tremendous results you may get from your efforts in a possible relationship. When you put yourself in harmony with natural forces, you are furthered by their energetically supportive response. This card, sometimes named "The Garden," suggests the kind of long labor that bears, at the end of the season, what appears to be a natural cornucopia.
    The point is that your ambitious vision and devoted labors may give you even better results than you dared dream. Soon, you may have more relationship decisions to make, more details to secure, more work to accomplish -- but that is the price of success, security, and fulfillment.

    littlej, I'm not sure if this will make sense [it may be that it was too long between request and reading... and I apololgize~ but I didn't get a "strong vibe", and therefore I'm not sure how "accurate" this reading is... again, sorry].

    It appears that the Universe has offered {or will soon be offering} it's riches to you! This may or may not be money. Perhaps wealth in other forms, as you have certainly done the necessary work to "earn" it. Now comes the challenge.... how do you deal with the gift?!? Do you share the wealth [while being careful not to be an enabler to others], or do you selfishly keep it to yourself? It may even be an upcoming relationship with someone from "upper class" that offers you this very elite lifestyle. The key here, no matter what the gift is, is GRATITUDE! please be sure to keep this in mind

    Hope this helps~~~

  • cyw39

    The Magician
    in the "Love & Me" Position
    Main (positional) Meaning:
    You have a talent for creating something from nothing in your next relationship.
    The card in the Love & Me position touches on an aspect of how you perceive yourself with regard to possible intimacy in your life.
    The Magus symbolizes imagination, creativity and an inventive nature. Your unique intelligence and talent for clever experimentation is a valuable asset for keeping your future relationship fresh and alive. The Magus serves as a catalyst and change agent. His influence is a fresh breeze blowing through any situation. So be playful, and stay open. Don't limit yourself, the possibilities are endless. Try things, see what happens and correct your course as you go. Tease open the minds of those who are watching to see what you will do - including your potential love interest.
    Nine of Cups
    in the "Situation" Position
    Main (positional) Meaning:
    The celebration of shared endeavors may sweeten a desired relationship.
    The card that lands in the Situation position refers to social or circumstantial factors which could be affecting your life at this time.
    When the Nine of Cups is in this position, your future relationship with the one you desire may have arrived at some kind of successful resolution. It could be some shared adventure, but could also be the result of navigating an emotional challenge. Whatever the arena, together you have accomplished what neither of you would have done alone. You have made it to the promised land, where there is rest, nourishment and serenity.
    At the heart of the joy in this card is the unity that comes from the realization of shared dreams. Positive, abundant, and optimistic feelings are amplified when they are mutually held. Few human experiences are more pleasurable than cementing your relationship in the knowledge that you are truly there for each other. This card calls for a celebration, a toast, and acknowledgment for the great team you can be together.
    Ten of Cups
    in the "Challenges" Position
    Main (positional) Meaning:
    Having worked through a difficult relationship, you know in your heart that you have done what is best for all concerned.
    The card that lands in the Challenges position refers to ways that you can turn obstacles into stepping stones.
    With the Ten of Cups in this position, you may let yourself relax, knowing your labors are completed. The worst may be over, and a much brighter future lies ahead. You may be moving towards a life that is very different than the one you inherited. You know that your heroic effort has made a real difference in the way things are now unfolding.
    Even if you don't receive all the recognition you have earned, a solid core of self-esteem may now be your permanent possession. By doing the right thing under a challenging relationship, you kept the greater good in mind. Knowing this produces feelings of personal gratification. Now, you may be free to go beyond this difficulty and learn to live in a totally new way.

    cyw39: are you ready for a different kind of love than what you've experienced [over and over and over] in the past?!? The answer is--- YES! Perhaps you'd been insecure, always questioning motives or having a hard time believing it was the right "one". Or maybe you'd always been with others who were insecure (perhaps even downright mean), or unfaithful, or whatever... That's over! You've gone deep inside to find that which means the most, and you've cultivated what you've sought in others in yourself. The hard part is now behind you, and the Universe is working on bringing you [if not already] the one who will truly make your heart sing! Things couldn't look better! Know that it is your time, and make certain that you show your Gratitude for all the gifts offered.

    Many blessings~~~

  • Danceur

    Queen of Wands
    in the "Love & Me" Position
    Main (positional) Meaning:
    Decisiveness and a willingness to lead produce rewarding results for you and those you love.
    The card in the Love & Me position touches on an aspect of how you perceive yourself with regard to possible intimacy in your life.
    When the Queen of Wands is in this position, you are like an engaged manager who not only wants to be aware of everything that's going on, but also wants to direct things. The Queen of Wands has an active and energetic nature. She is goal-oriented and practical.
    Some Tarot decks portray her as a farm wife who is busy all day long, overseeing any number of activities related to raising and educating children as well as taking the crops to market. Like the queen of the operation, perhaps you also have your hands full -- serving as the axis of production and contentment. It can be a joyful experience to contribute so much to your relationships.
    The Chariot
    in the "Situation" Position
    Main (positional) Meaning:
    Use the active force of transformation inherent in this situation to bring about change and new directions for you and the one you desire.
    The card that lands in the Situation position refers to social or circumstantial factors which could be affecting your life at this time.
    When the Chariot is in this position, an electrifying force could drive both you and your possible love partner toward mutual victory. The wheels of the chariot symbolize the wheels of time and the motion of the planets. Unstoppable change sweeps through the situation surrounding your forthcoming relationship. It may be an exciting time, though chaotic. Those who cannot move and grow with the transformational energy may feel overwhelmed by its driving force. Apply your focus and energy so as not to allow this to happen to either of you.
    See if you and your potential love interest can hitch a ride on this chariot and advance your mutual goals and aspirations. There is no reason to let it go by without you.
    in the "Challenges" Position
    Main (positional) Meaning:
    Changes need to be made steadily but gradually in a potential relationship.
    The card that lands in the Challenges position refers to ways that you can turn obstacles into stepping stones.
    Temperance in this position challenges you to gradually phase in changes in a forthcoming relationship, while letting go of old behaviors and thought forms. When we plant new varieties in a garden, we may also clean out some of the old. Over time, a new relationship dynamic may emerge. It's not all accomplished in a day. Healing is more of process than an event.
    Be patient and persevere. Blend the medicine with careful attention to detail. Focus your will and intention. Repeat the solution. Remember that too much is as bad as too little. Keep things in balance as you slowly and steadily change the composition of your energy from the old to the new.

    Danceur: It would appear that you are instrumental in this "change" or movement for your friend. Perhaps it's your advice he seeks, or even help of a more direct kind. It is suggested that you offer your opinion or assistance, but be certain to Not go overboard, and overstep your bounds. (I don't get a clear picture of what this change means for him... and it's difficult to do a reading for someone who's requesting it for someone else... the "chain" is broken so to speak. Make sense?

    Hope this helps out~~~

  • CharmedWitchBente: I'm not certain if you've got the right thread, or if you were rquesting a reading from me or one of the other folks here... or perhaps even asking if you could do readings with me (or for me)... Could you please clarify for me?

    Thanks everyone for your patience with the requests... As I've stated before, you can send me an email to my , for those wanting immediate advice. It's . There I can give you the info to request a private reading. Those requests are fulfilled within 24hours.
    I hope everyone is enjoying the final days of summer as things are winding down! Many blessings to all of you

  • Hello Everyone,

    Just reminder that it is against our policy to post your email addresses in the forum.

    This rule is for your protection. This includes cr3ative spell1ng of any email address.

    Thank you,


  • Hi MedicMom,

    Appreciate your reading.

    I don't know how to interpret my role. See, we sort of crossed a little from friendship into more, but just a little. This has been a long time coming. The attraction was there. But it's confusing... and I don't know if it's worth the risk to transition this to 'more than friendship'.

  • Hiya MedciMom

    I was asking Roxy permission to ask for a love reading on her thread. Seems to be the civil n nice way. I hope its okay with her.

    And yes MedicMom I hoped you could give me one. As for helping you or do reads here again, i need to consider it. Just had a bad experience on fb. So i seriously need to consider it.

    On before hand i tahnk you for the read. Love n air.


  • BUMP!

  • Dear MedicMom01,

    Thank you so much for the reading. Yes, I am ready and thankful.

    Blessings to you and your family.

    Love and peace


  • MedicMom01

    Thanks! I was a little confused, but its ok. Everything makes sense it time, so I will wait and see. I will keep in mind everything that you told me. Thanks!

  • Hi MedicMom01,

    Are ya still here? Would you be able to do a reading for me?

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