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  • Thank you so much for my reading. I have had a difficult time relationship wise over the last couple of years, which has led me into much soul searching,and looking at my own role in these situations in terms of the bigger picture. I was beginning to feel that I am just not 'cut out' for a deep relationship, so your reading definitely gives me some optimism and confidence to try again if the opportunity does arise. Thank you again for your time, wisdom and caring. Chefjessie

  • Could I please get a love reading? My dob is 9/02/68.

  • brookenicole84: anything you feel that's not based in Love is insecurity. By that I mean, when you sit quietly with a question about say, a love interest, and you begin to feel jealous, fearful, lonely, or doubtful... those are come from your insecurities. 2 base emotions- Love, Fear

    (every other emotion can be subcategorized into these two). So, it's as easy as asking yourself "am I feeling Love" or "am I feeling Fear"?!?!

    chefjessie: I went through MANY years thinking just like you did. I'm not cut out for romantic relationships! BS!!! What I should have been saying to myself is " I am deserving of the ideal romantic relationship I desire"! The problem is too often we 'allow' ourselves to get involved with those we Know [intuitively] are not going to be "the one" for us. Some times, we have to, for our personal evolution. Most times, subconsciously, we don't feel we deserve to be loved like that.

    People come to us as reflections of ourselves. They mirror us in some ways, and it's up to us to figure out if these are positive traits we can build upon, or traits that we need to transform for our benefit (and the benefit of those in our circles).

    By looking at relationships in this way, and honestly answering sometimes difficult questions about ourselves, we can find meaning for why some come to us for a reason, others a season, and yet others a lifetime. We're all looking for the "lifetimers", but we should strive to welcome the reasons and seasons even more, as these are the ones that will foster most of our growth!

  • medic mom, i asked you few questions after you read for me. kindly do a new reading for me in the present circumstances.

  • wow! that makes perfect sense to me.. and i have been searching for that answer for awhile now thank you very much 🙂

  • matureVirgo

    Page of Cups
    in the "Love & Me" Position
    Main (positional) Meaning:
    You are led by imagination into the realm of heart and soul in relationship matters.
    The card in the Love & Me position touches on an aspect of how you perceive yourself with regard to possible intimacy in your life.
    This card in this position portrays a devoted servant and student of the heart. The Page (in some decks, a Princess) has a trusting nature that doesn't doubt and generally doesn't research to verify assumptions. This character fills her mystical cup and drinks deep from the transforming waters of the higher mind. You would like to join in that exploration of inner space. Imagination and faith are your guides. But don't let this distract you from the necessary day-to-day responsibilities of a relationship.
    This Princess sometimes allows herself to be swept away. In a slight trance, she may grant too much power and credibility to gurus, romantic partners, or leaders when it's really in her best interest to keep her own counsel. With a dreamy heart on her sleeve and utterly sincere, transparent motives, she assumes everyone else is a seeker, too. Beware of forgetting to look out for yourself lest you be played for a fool. Take a close look at any assumptions you have that may interfere with establishing or developing closer relationships.
    Queen of Coins
    in the "Situation" Position
    Main (positional) Meaning:
    You have the ability to see what needs to be done. Soon, it may be time to check in with a possible love interest who can help you sharpen your eye toward how to make it profitable.
    The card that lands in the Situation position refers to social or circumstantial factors which could be affecting your life at this time.
    When the Queen of Coins is in this position, you may be called upon to advise an enterprise that promises to make a difference in your community. Already, your opinions have proven valuable to your circle in the past.
    Naturally, you know your own position in the matter. Nevertheless, it might be helpful to run this by one who you feel may hold a special place in your future. The good sense and practicality you have come to trust will not let you down. Once you have heard what he or she has to say, you will feel freer to share your ideas and thoughts.
    Two of Wands
    in the "Challenges" Position
    Main (positional) Meaning:
    If you use a lull in a future relationship situation to rest yourself and refresh your awareness, you will be strengthened.
    The card that lands in the Challenges position refers to ways that you can turn obstacles into stepping stones.
    The Two of Wands in this position provides a challenge to learn to use down time productively. Creativity requires leisure. There may be no available energy for forward progress in a forthcoming relationship at this time anyway, so rest and restore yourself. Rather than waste time during such an opportunity, use it for contemplative relaxation or meditation.
    Don't worry about how to orchestrate things just yet. Instead, let go and surrender yourself to the sights, sounds, and realities of the situation as it is. This will put you in a more favorable position when the time for action arrives.

    matureVirgo: This is what I'm getting for you with this reading... It seems that you may be swept off your feet by a coworker [or someone you "work" with in some capacity] in the near future, or perhaps this is something that you daydream about.

    With this, you will find time to go inside yourself and find what is most important to you in a relationship. This will happen during "downtimes", which may be work related separations or the likes. Use that time wisely and this could be a lasting relationship (season or lifetime type).

    Hope this helps out~~~

  • drgagannani: I'm sorry for not responding to your questions. The energy that was there with them was not a clear one, therefore it was difficult for me to answer them. This may be because there are several energy patterns from the multiple souls involved, and yours is the only clear one. It is hard to say what others feel when they don't give "permission" for me to interact with their energy. I'm not sure if this will make things any clearer for you, but here's what I've got for you.

    Three of Cups
    in the "Love & Me" Position
    Main (positional) Meaning:
    You are richly rewarded in life with people who love you. Celebrate your close relationships, including one that could develop into love.
    The card in the Love & Me position touches on an aspect of how you perceive yourself with regard to possible intimacy in your life.
    When the Three of Cups is in this position, you have balanced your priorities and have harmonized your inner life with your outer life. This leaves you with a sense of serenity and relaxation. The fact that you feel bonded with and supported in your close relationships says that you attract other well-balanced souls like yourself.
    This card is a compliment to you for having earned the hard-won rewards of peace and trust. The natural flow between you and others is becoming fruitful and enjoyable and enlivens the potential for intimacy.
    The Hanged Man
    in the "Situation" Position
    Main (positional) Meaning:
    You or your possible love interest must admit their mistake and apologize to relieve the situation of stress and unsettled feelings.
    The card that lands in the Situation position refers to social or circumstantial factors which could be affecting your life at this time.
    The Hanged Man in this position indicates a lesson being learned about taking advantage of each other. The potential relationship will feel tense, difficult, and blocked until each person becomes conscious of their part and agrees to make changes. In a growing love relationship, it is almost certain that periodically one person will do something that makes the other question everything about the relationship's potential. Knowing those odds, you must stop expecting to be seen as perfect. When it is reported that you have transgressed and are causing real pain to your potential beloved's heart, you must apologize and make amends with composure and dignity in the way of the warrior. Sometimes you have to take some hits and accept some correction for the sake of the relationship.
    There is no moral stain on those who find themselves in this position. But it is tempting fate to think that anyone is immune to this possibility. The ordeal will have been worth it if it brings the participants, including yourself, to a new point of view and release from the past.
    Ace of Swords
    in the "Challenges" Position
    Main (positional) Meaning:
    You can depend on your creative resourcefulness to reveal relationship potential unseen by others.
    The card that lands in the Challenges position refers to ways that you can turn obstacles into stepping stones.
    The Ace of Swords in this position challenges you to define your goals by manipulating current trends. There may be a wind sweeping across this card with an agenda of its own, but you have a map (your plan) and a sail (your mind). When using them both, that wind can empower you on your chosen course. Knowing you can depend on your own quick wits and adaptability frees you to see a potential relationship that might be as invisible as the wind to others.
    Because you hold the map that will help others understand how to sail from chaos to order, determine how you can serve both yourself and a relationship creatively. Being organized is more critical at the planning stages of an enterprise than most people generally realize or remember. You could be a hero by letting your possible partner know what you see unfolding at this important stage. Don't hold yourself back.

    drgagannani: It appears there may be some sort of dishonesty going on in this triangle you're in. This isn't necessarily malicious dishonesty, but perhaps "white lies" meant to "protect" one of the three of you.

    You are being called upon to bring higher-consciousness to the situation the three of you are involved in here. By this I mean, give up the insecurities tied to this situation.

    If He is choosing the other, accept it and move on. If He is swinging back and forth between the 2 relationships, it's time to call him out. Make him aware of your true feelings.

    We can only resolve conflict when we are able to honestly and objectively look at how we are affected by the drama. Own your feelings. Be comfortable with yourself and the choices you make or have made. And Always remember that YOU are in charge of your life.

    I hope this clears things up a little bit for you!

  • thanks medic mom

  • Hi MedicMom,

    You're right - I'm not in a relationship.

    I am thinking of someone, but how do I know if the cards refer to him specifically?

    Your reading is rather accurate, in that I'm being called to go with the flow and not take things too personally. It seems the challenging circumstance has already occured - or maybe it's about to get worse?

    Can the readings be interpreted in terms of a friendship blossoming or does it suggest a romantic relationship?

    Initially, this guy seemed interested romantically. Then he cooled off. And I was very confused. But I let it be. Now some external circumstances have complicated things, making it tougher for us to even socialize - although we both understand we have a friendship.

    So I'd say there is resistance from the circumstance, as well as from him (he's not interested or not prepared to move things forward). Tho I like him, I feel he needs a friend more at this point and also a lot of space. So I'm trying to do that - keeping a distance but being around if he needs me (which is not very much it seems).

    If the cards point to pushing through resistance and not forgetting what attracted me to the person, does it mean that there is a possibility for there to be a romantic relationship with him later on, or perhaps only just a closer friendship?

    Also, I don't understand about the 'excellent players' bit and friendly competition and of doing my best when it is my moment. Does this relate directly to my friendship with him - in that I'm facing competition from other people and other things and that I just have utilize my moments with him as and when they happen? And to not get intimidated by him?

    Sorry if I totally interpreted wrong 🙂

  • Danceur

    The best way to look at any situation is from an objective viewpoint. That's easy to say, but not easy for most to carry thru with. Too often, we attatch ourselves to the people, places, and things that come into our lives.
    There's not always a spotlight pointing to which category these fit... reason, season, or lifetime, so it is totally up to us to discern. I will say that "reason" is always a factor, just as the old saying goes "everything happens for a reason".
    The cards don't usually answer this question for us, but your intuition will. As I've suggested to others, sit- quiet your mind- and listen (or for some, feel) the answer to the questions you seek.
    In all your questions, the one I can answer for sure is that he came into your life for a reason. Him backing away from the "romantic" aspect tells me that either A) he fears intimacy or B) he may have realized that a romantic relationship wasn't why you two had come together.
    Either way, the best advice again would be to "go with the flow". And pushing past the resistence may well be speaking of your resistence to the truth of the situation (not allowing it the space to be whatever it is).
    Make more sense now??? LoL
    Hope this helps~~~

  • Ah ok....that makes sense 🙂

    Yup am definitely trying to allow things to be. Think sometimes I get caught up in doing, that I forget that 'not doing' is also doing something - if that makes any sense.

    Kinda like detaching with love. If this is how it's supposed to be, then I gotta learn how to deal with that. There's more peace of mind this way, instead of fighting the situation.

  • Thank you MedicMom, I've definitely had some reasons and seasons recently, and yes, I have learned a lot about myself from this. If I'm totally honest, I think I'm rather scared of the thought of the 'lifetime' one.

  • Thank you for the reading.

    I feel that this reading is about a yr too late. That is exactly what happened a little over a yr ago. A man that I worked with chased me after work hrs because he knew that I wouldn't let him say things to me that I felt was inappropriate while on the clock. I also tried very hard to keep it a friendship level as long as we worked together. He knew that I wouldn't let it happen as long as we worked together. Then he resigned in March of last yr and the chase was on. He did sweep me off my feet with words. Since I am married, we never took that step to actually have face to face interaction. But when we finally quit holding back, wow, did we ever quit holding back.

    So, from what you are telling me about my reading, is this or something like this going to happen again?

  • Danceur~~ I definately understand (since I've had to learn the hard way over the last several years...) LoL! And YES... definately a greater peace when we can learn to go with the flow. I heard it like this, and it made sense.... Do-Be-Do-Be-Do-Be-Do We instinctively know this, but we've been told from childhood- you don't get anywhere by standing still. Well, sometimes we HAVE to stand still to make clear decisions on which fork in the road to take.

    (and I love the way you typed your message. Just like it would sound if you were speaking to me face to face. Love it... cuz I use a lotta the same words)

    ChefJessie~~ You and me BOTH!!! I've had nothing but reasons and seasons for over 40 yrs! And as many times as I tell myself I'm looking for Mr. Lifetime, honestly, the thought scares me. I've got a wall around my heart sky-high and miles thick. But, I've been working on taking it down. Who knows, maybe that guy is right around the corner 😃

    Good luck to both of ya.... Awe hell! Good luck to all of us searching for Mr/Mrs Lifetime! I'm certain they'll be worth the wait and the heartache we've endured to find them!!!

  • MatureVirgo~~ It's crazy that something from a yr ago is popping up in your reading. That tells me a couple of things. This "encounter", "chase", and "realization of a fantasy" is still "trapped" in your subconscious [since I was able to get that from your energy pattern when doing your reading]. You should question why you haven't let it go.

    Is it the guy that you still long for? Is it the chase (knowing someone wants us like that is a very powerful emotion)? Is it the "taboo"-type experiences you seek to incorporate into your life? I'm thinking the latter two would have truth to them! After all, who isn't looking for excitement in life? Who doesn't seek the "thrill of the hunt"? Who doesn't want to be desired like that?

    {I don't see any hands up in the class... LoL}

    We as adults spend way tooooooo much time being serious! I understand that we've got responsibilities to take care of, but why don't we play like we did when we were kids? Why have most of us given up on our fanciful dreams? Why have most of us stopped "playing"?

    Summer is nearly here! Can we remember how awesome that time was back in the day? I do!

    And I want to bring that back into my life. No! I'm Bringing that back. And I challenge all of you to do the same. Let your hair down! Play!!!

  • Hey medic mom so this test that my cards showed about a potential relationship i feel like that was in regards to a spat i had with a potential person regarding our circumstances he lives an hour and a half away and just started his career over there.. where i live there isnt much room for growth of a career.. we talked later and neither of us are mad i explained why i acted the way i did and he was totally understanding.. that was tuesday and since he hasn't spoke to me.... should i give up? can you elaborate for me anything you see for me?

  • brookenicole84

    Girlfriend... did you read the last post I put up for you???? LoL
    Love or Fear [everything else is subcategorized in those two]
    re-read Your last post to me
    Look at the 2 question marks
    wanna take a stab at what I'm gonna say next? LoL
    Love or Fear

  • Thank you so much MedicMom for your insight, I really appreciate this 🙂 Im continuing with my progress and doing well and at this point Im complete. Im celebrating life and living it to the fullest at this point. I hope school goes well for me-Im going to Miami for film school this July (hopefully once I get this loan for film school). I need it and hope I get it to cover housing. And as for my ex...a reader continues to tell me it will everything work out well between and I can be the one to inspire him to do better in his life. I sent him a friend request on Facebook and so far all is well. I know that I will always love and care for him beng that he was my first love so I can live with him or without him but I will always forever see the blessings of our breakup regardless if we end up together in the future or not because I learned so much and rejuvanted all my strength and happiness as a person. I worked on myself eversince the breakup and hadnt contacted him at all to relieve all of my childhood problems that affecting me greatly and just grew stronger and alot happier from that. Im grateful for everything thats happened its just him Im worried about sometimes but all in all Im glad I can look to myself for wisdom and happiness. Much love and blessings to you Medic Mom 🙂

    Here is one of my photos if you need further info or insight on me:

  • Asia118X~ thank you for the update! Good luck with your studies... I'm sure evertything will turn out just fine.

    Your ex is lucky to have such a caring person as a friend, and I'm sure he recognizes that 😃

    Many Blessings to you dear

  • Your welcome and thanks for everything Medic Mom. I just hope that whatever works out between me and my ex friendship or relationship (a reader told me relationship lol knowing us it might end up that way but I want to take it slow so I can focus more on school) (as I said with him or without him lol) I just happy Im alot wiser happier to enjoy it and be careful with it more. Also I feel everything for school will work out I think that's why I being so calm about it even though they withdrawn me (only for now) until I get my loan. I just prayed and hope for the best with this loan I hope to get approved for.

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