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  • For The Past Month My Circumstances Has Been Forcing Me To Detach From Anything That Was Originally Mine. I Returned Home From The Doctors This Afternoon Very Astonished At How Grown Adults Could Love Their Addiction More Than Themselves And Their Children. I Was Diagnosed With Asthma Dued To Second-Hand Smoking. My Parents Dont care However, They Want To Still Smoke In The House And Continue As If Nothing Happened.

    My Biological Father Wants Me To Move In With Him And I Know Its The Best Thing For Me But Its Gonna Crush Me To Leave My Parents Behind. I Guess Its Because The Attachment Ive Been Lacking In All My Relationships. It Hurts Me To See My Parents The Way They Are Though, They No Longer Care For Themselves As Humans Beings. I Cant Bare To Watch Anymore Nor Can I Leave. Help Please 7/17/91 Thanks......Even A Tarot Reading Can Help ❤

    Thanks For ur Time And Understanding

  • You don't actually see your parents as they are though, Sammy. You see them as you wish they would be - caring and loving - instead of the reality of them being shallow and selfish. Be your own parent and do what's right for you. Move on out and leave them to their karma.

  • Thanx For Ur Insight =,(

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