Can someone tell me what they see w/ My Pisces Ex- is it over for good

  • thank you Leoscorpion. It seems as though what you say may be true... and i think that he just maybe didnt really want it to work... I just wished he would have expressed that verbally instead of treating me the way he did. Its sad cause I miss him. and tomorrow is his birthday but I have tried to just erase him from my mind.

  • you're welcome esskaye

    I know it's been a few months but hope for the best

  • I meet a Pisces guy Dec 2 2009. My birth date 5-22-74 his is 3-9-88. I know he his much younger than me and at first it was my biggest issue. He didn't have a problem with the age differance but we both admitt it was our first time dating an older woman and youger man. We did simple yet romantic outings, walks along the beach, dinner by the water, shooting pool, watching movies. After 2 months we became closer, we spent valentines weekend together and I got a lil overwhelmed.. I never spent that much time with a guy since my divorce 6 years ago. I was happy yet scared at the same time. I told Pisces guy we needed a break and he was hurt. We took a week apart and I apologized if I hurt him and he understood. Since then we talked everyday, and a month later he told me he loved me... I was shocked.. the L word!!! I knew he cared because when I was sick he came over and took care of me that night. I showed my appreciation with kindness and support when he needed it. Back & foot rubs I would cater to his needs when we spent time alone. I wrote poetry for him and read it out loud. I told him I loved him a month after he expressed it to me. It seemed natural and I was comfortable. I expressed that my way of loving is by action.. I may not say it all the time but my actions show for itself. I told him I've been hurt b4 and this is so new to me. He is the first guy since my divorce I said and showed love to. I also admitt that out of the 3 other guys I dated in the 6 years he was the most sweetest, and compassionate of them all. He would come over and cook, cut my grass wash my car and I have fallen hard over the guy. My b-day was 5-22, 2 days b4 that he expressed that when we are together I am his safe haven and he can excape from reality and be himself. he sleeps better, he shares his deepest secrets and dreams with me. He got a phone call from a customer while we were resting in bed and he said that his feelings were hurt, I tried not to be noisy then he responded I just laid down and only have slept for an hour.. What customer needs to know all that personal info??? he than said if you want your car looked at and or detailed come by the shop this afternoon and I'll you later.. I felt a dark cloud over my bed as if this customer is more than that. I asked who was that on the phone he said a customer, and his feelings were hurt because they made a comment b4 about why should they get their car detailed at his shop?? WTH!! what ever.. so, my birthday has passed I never get a call, he didn't show up for the bar b que, and it's been 5 days since we talked. How can someone say they love you and your a safe haven and treat you like this.. I'm hurt but I also know that what I felt he felt too. I wonder if I scared him with my own intuiton about that phone call?? I've cried and prayed for his safety because I try to look at all sides of a situation, mybe he got hurt, arrested, maybe he is cheating?? who knows... so I collected his belongings that was left at my house, put them all in a bag and took it down to his job, with the poem it wrote him, and also a wish you happiness letter. I didn't want to speak ill of him, and go off like MF you 4 got my b-day FU.. no... I wrote I hope you are ok and safe but I don't think this is going to work.. I thanked him for showing me how to love again although Im hurt from not communicating which is very important to me.. I wished him the best.. I left the bag on the door, no one was at the shop. I hope I didn't jump to conclutions, and I truly hope is he well. I do miss him but something inside of me said to let go before you get hurt so that's what I did.. Please Junemoon26 can you do a reading for me.. I sometimes feel that I am mulitple signs. I get so emotional, like at times when we would be together I could feel his pain, and how stressed out he is and I would break down and cry.. with other people too. Thank you so much.. sorry for this long post.. Hey Sandra...

  • Hey Sandra, my heart goes out to you, as I know just how painful that feeling is when you are dealing with a brokenheart, as I too am going through just the same at the moment. I split up from my Aries guy only a month ago and I am finding it almost impossible to move on, he occupies most of my thoughts of the day. I keep on churning through everything and wonder why we are apart when it was so good when we were together - it makes no sense to me, but like that leoscorpion lady said, if you are too in love with someone you don't see the otherside of that person only the fantasy and magic, which is always my biggest problem as reality is boring to me.

    I was hoping that nice Junemoon26 lady could advise me whether we will get back together his birth date is 26/03/60 and mine is 12/09/62. I haven't used this forum before and I apologies if I am not using it right, perhaps someone can give me a tutorial. lol!

    looking forward to getting my first reply


  • Hi, MySkittles and Sycamore12! I just now read your posts. I'll do both of your readings as soon as I can--I'm also kinda busy on another thread (on Tarot, "Is my ex inmy future at all?"). Thanks for your patience!

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