Insights - Life Path & 2010

  • I’m a life path 3 and 2010 is my personal year 3, also 2010 is a 3 year. I felt 2010 would be an exceptional year but so far disappointing with only problems, financial, personal etc and not looking to improve much. Any other ‘3’ people out there wanting to share their insights/experiences/expectations for the year?

  • I thought you can find it by adding birth date and birth month with 2010

    then you can find how this year will be going for you

  • This post is deleted!

  • General for 2010: crisis=opportunity. Year of the Tiger. Many changes this year. Embrace them with dignity and grace. To resist is to limit your evolution.

    Life Path 3: 1) Focus--you tend to scatter your incredible energy 2) Budget--this is not the year to be extravagant 3) Face problems--stifle the urge to escape

  • Thanks Leoscorpio for the site address - some interesting info on there.

    Archersbow your abbreviated 2010 forecast for #3 seems spot-on. A lucky year of ‘opportunity to grow thru challenges’ translating as you will have a miserable year where everything you can think of will go wrong including being stoney broke. If you reach 31 December without hanging yourself, you will indeed be ‘lucky‘. Amen

  • you're welcome fiery

    there is info on this site, but I think he's read that

  • I'll be the first to admit that numerology is all sort of greek to me. How can I figure out what kind of year 2010 is supposed to be for me? April 24, 1962 9:38am Wilmington, Delaware, USA

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