Need love advice for a gemini man

  • I have been in a 2 yr relationship with my gemini,we spent 7 days and nites together,we always missed each other and exspressed our feelings all the time. He just got out of a very bad marriage and is very scarred from it. he took me on a vacation and just recently got back. he started acting distant from me? and then i approached him do you not want a relationship? and he said i love you but no i dont we want different things!! dont understand?? very confused! crushed and love sick!!! what do i do? how do i get him back?

  • Lovesick130, this is a trait of a Gemini man. You cannot take this personal. Trust me I know, when they start to act like that they need time to themselves. Remeber Gemini's need their space. It is so important that they get that time. Nothing personal. I would like for you to go to a website called Fantasy World and it will tell you about all Zodiac Signs. Please read about Gemini and you will understand. I have known my Gemini friend for years and they can be a tripp. There are times whrn they can be sweet as ever. There are times when they can be just as cold as ever. Please don't take it personal. It takes a strong person to handle a Gemini, if not they will have you going crazy. They will have you thinking you did something wrong. All you want to do is Love him. The best advice I can give you right now is give him his space and he will come back around. Don't take it personal or fill like you have done something wrong. Go and read about Genini and read about your sign too. By the way what is your sign? Let me know what you think.

  • well im a sag male, with a gemini rising, and i act the very same way as a Gemini, but he has been hurt and its gonna take time to heal, gemini guys are like this it seems, and yes you did nothing wrong, this is all on him right now, he is afraid of getting hurt again thats all, the problem is (i think) is that he loves you he said, but i think he has trust issues now after his marriage, Gem guy are kinda hard to deal with cause we are sensitive it seems, so we need someone that we can trust completely and never think anything will ever go wrong, and we need the same in return, im only a Gem rising but im still saying "we" cause im very much like this too.

    we want different things? hmm i think you should try to ask him what are these different things and if he knows what you want. have you told him what you want? he probably doesnt even know what he wants, he will want you one day and then not the next day, maybe he thinks you can do better then him and dont derserve you? theres alot he could be thinking about right now. hmm he loves you, so he will miss you badly i bet, he's just scared from the past, ask him what are the differences are in what you guys want. i think he would answer that one, well take care and update us on what goin on! see ya haha

  • Oh hunny don't take it personally. Trust me you haven't done anything wrong. You've just been true to yourself and that's a good thing, it's good you are consciously aware of what you are feeling. I was in love with a Gem for 6 months , he just needs time to do his own thing. It's kind of a common trait among Air signs to be a bit wishy-washy and commitment skittish. You can't hold on to the wind, you need to let it sweep you up into the air. People say that Air signs are "detached" and "Unemotional" this is deeply unture. They just channel their emotions mentally and understand the fickleness and changeability of emotion itself so they don't let their emotions get the best of them. When he said "We don't want the same thing" he was subtly trying to let you know that he isn't ready for anything too commitment heavy. If he loves you he will come around, you just need to give him that lil bit of space he craves. People don't bounce back easily from Bad Marriages. My Aries mom and Libra dad have been divorced for 6 years and they are still hurt and scorned by love. My dad has since moved on but is having trouble in his current marriage as well and is saying if it fails this time he isn't gonna get married again. And my mom -she is single and still hasn't fully gotten over my dad. Don't hold any ill feelings towards him, just let him sort through his personal demons. As an air sign he will. Just love him unconditionally and work on your life in the meantime. You could probably use a little break yourself to regain personal emotional strength. I hope that helped a little bit and things work out when the time is right.

    ❤ Debbie

    (Sun & Mercury in Pisces, Moon in Libra, Venus & Mars in Aquarius, Leo rising)

  • Hello "Lovesick" how are you? please look at my post maybe this will help you with this issue,

    take care

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