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  • Hi Captain

    You seem really tuned in, so I'd really appreciate some of your insight on my situation. I've been on my own for some time and then met this wonderful man last year. But it ended recently under odd circumstances. He has some issues, but now I'm wondering if there was more to it. I thought I was a good judge of character but it all transpired in such a bizarre way, that I can't help mulling things over. Especially since he completely pulled away and has barely communicated, so it's been a constant guessing game as to what the actual issue was and where he is at. I realise that what will be will be. But for now, I'm just trying to channel my energy into something constructive, but he keeps invading my thoughts. I want him out of my head. I think it'd help to have another sense of him. Was / is he a trustworthy man - and was he honest with me?

  • Sorry but I feel he has other commitments - like a family or children - elsewhere and has gone back to them. I feel he has no love for his partner and continually leaves her to look elsewhere for love but never really finds it. He has a close tie with his children and feels very responsible for them but not his partner.

  • Hi there.

    He has never been married before, nor does he have children. He does have major issues with trust from past experience – I think he doesn’t know how to love, is terrified to let go. The reason he gave for ending was based on false premise (due to said fears). He's a typical bull and does disappear into his cave every now and then. It's just hard when you care about someone and they're potentially battling with something. But if you sense he's not tending towards me at all, or even battling, that will certainly make it easier to walk away. Thank you.

  • Hmmmm

  • Hmmmm? 🙂 Go on...

  • I feel he does have a child or children elsewhere that he does not talk about with you.

  • And bulls do not disappear into a cave - I should know, I am one. We tend to stick our ground when we have to.

  • It's not so much that he lied to you as didn't tell you everything about himself.

  • Sticking his ground over something he made up - at the instigation of a jealous female friend. Anyway, I can accept he didn't tell me everything about himself. But he's a good man - I just want him to be ok. Though I want to be ok too. It would be nice if we could resume a friendship at some point. Do you think there's any hope of that?

  • i do believe a future friendship is possible - providing there is more honesty and trust in the relationship.

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